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Lunamante Goldsmith workshop, the Covid don't stop creativity

Posted on11/17/2020 by

We perfectly know that behind the choice of a brand name, there are always years of study, work and significant history of research. So to tell you about the Lunamante Laboratory of San Remo, we want to start from the meaning contained in the name of this young brand of artisan goldsmithing.

"Luna-Amante, in this case, derives from a work by Antonio Rubino, an

important Sanremo artist of the early 1900s and author of The lover of the Moon“.

A name, therefore, certainly influenced by the love for the land, Sanremo, but also and above all by the nostalgia and contemporaneity that unite the Genoese artist to the young artist/goldsmith Emanuele Cannoletta.

Son of art, Emanuele is part of a family that has seen a succession of goldsmiths and jewelers since 1949 and still today, after almost a century, sees the birth of new specialized figures.

In fact, the Laboratory was born in 2019, from an idea of Emanuele Cannoletta, grandson of Maria Cassanello and Antonio Cannoletta from whom, with passion and dedication, he learned the search for perfection, spending most of his days in silence observing them until arriving, slowly, to help them in the various stages of processing.

The project, that supports the Lunamante Laboratory, represents the meeting point between innovation and tradition, love for one’s land and family, ancient techniques linked to the past.

And this can already be deduced from the symbol of the laboratory and which contains a talisman, a pinwheel and a flower, respectively symbols of value and memories, nostalgia and childhood, and the link with their land, Sanremo.

In fact, Emanuele, in addition to the home-made experience, among goldsmiths and artisans, has perfected his techniques by studying and deepening his knowledge in goldsmithing and in the artistic processing of precious metals. He studied Architecture, then specializing in the goldsmith arts in Florence, thus bringing new ideas and techniques to the Cannoletta family.

There are two collections already created by Emanuele and they have already won several prizes in important national artistic competitions:

- Wood Life Poetry: each jewel of the eight of which the collection is composed corresponds to a feeling and the collection itself refers to climate and planet changes. Each creation represents the relationship between humanity and nature, which is essential and which responds to an essential need.

             Innocenza / Innocence                          Libertà / Freedom                            Creatività / Creativity

      Indipendenza / Independence         Determinazione / Determination

- Pomegranate: born from the desire to pay homage to the symbolic meaning of the fruit, considered an emblem of abundance, prosperity and vital energy. It is, in fact, a gift for those who get married, as a wish for a happy life rich in well-being.

In his laboratory, Emanuele, mainly creates unique pieces, designed and created specifically for the client, taking inspiration from the world we live in, from nature as a source of energy for every day, but also from memories, bonds, stories and traditions.

Starting from a careful listening to the customer, in fact, he has a great ability to interpret the most diverse desires that using different techniques transforms into unique and beautiful jewels.

As seen, however, he does not despise the creation of small series and, among Emanuele’s works in progress, there are three beautiful projects:

- The first involves the creation of blue jays, whose color will be obtained from the use of gems, as well as for the Melograno collection. After completing the work, the product will be immersed in liquid plaster, so as to obtain a real mold useful for transforming the prototype into a real creation. Also, this collection, like the previous one, will consist of a ring, earrings, pendant and brooch.

- The second is inspired by the world of tattoos, made in collaboration with a local tattoo artist. The main technique used will be burin engraving.

- The third is inspired by the world of the Far East and will be made with fired enamel decorations.

We can’t wait to see the new collections. You no? The advice is to save the link of his e.Shop and from time to time check the publication of his new creations…

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