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Massimo Ripa, “touchable” jewels

Posted on10/03/2018 by

We are here today to introduce you Massimo Ripa , a goldsmith from Marches. He was very creative from a very young age, in the rural setting of his family (specializing in the cultivation of ornamental plants) he drew the nature and the landscape that surrounds him.

Always with the pencil always in hand, he graduate at the Fermo Academy of Fine Arts (class 1988); from there on he became designer and creator of jewelry. Just as he learned during his studies, and later with years of experience, Massimo realizes his works mainly using the technique of lost-wax casting, for this he realizes only unique pieces or strictly limited series.

The pieces made by this craftsman have a contemporary style, simple in the lines but with a very creative and unique design. His creativity is also in materials he chooses especially the hard stones and the precious stones; Massimo uses a wide range of colors and shapes. To embed this stones he uses gold, silver and sometimes bronze together with natural materials and pigments.

Massimo’s mission is a bit of a “countertrend”, because his goal is to undermine one of the dictates at the base of Italian culture: the artistic work is to be looked at, but not to touch. The pieces created by this craftsman are made to be touched and not just during the act of wearing them. The jewels that he realizes want to be manipulated and touched, almost like in a game, even for the peculiar way they are stored. All of this in order to eliminate the distance between the audience and the work.

In the jewels made by Massimo you will notice a spasmodic research of movement, because he does not want to confine his works in a rigid immobility. Precisely for this his masterpiece are the “quadro gioiello“: precious works of art to hang and that inside them contain a further precious secret. We are proud to say that on the our shop you can find these very special paintings.

Regarding this article we will focus on Nails Heart because its peculiarity best embodies the concept of exaltation of the jewel when it is not worn.

The box is custom made by a local craftsman, a leatherette lining with black satin inside. The package of this “heart” is already beautiful figure but you hung it on the wall. You can extract a 925 silver ring from it and wear it and put it pack inside the heart, hiding it from those who do not know where to look.

This special piece was on display in anteprima at our stand in HOMI 2018 (September edition) and the recently ended SABO ROMA. Massimo was present at both fairs for explain how he realized them and to push people to experience the rings with their own hands.

Massimo also realizes incredible “normal” rings, he divide them into certain line of thought. For example the “SOLO UNO” one have an ethnic style a “very clean and essential style to enhance the stone and not the geometry of the ring”.

The Ring “Solo Uno” Australian Boulder Opal is the result of a base made in wax then fused with the lost wax casting technique. It is made of 925/000 silver with a Boulder opal at it center. Boulder opal is a stone widely used in Crystallotherapy thanks to its ability to increase the desire to live, the enthusiasm and the optimism of the wearer. As you can guess from the name the stone of this one comes from Australia.

Ring “Solo Uno” Musky Agate it is made with the same idea of “clean essentiality” and following the same process as the previous one. This time the set stone is a green Musky Agate and, in the absence of accentuating veins, in this case the ring has a more minimal style. Musky Agate is also a stone used extensively in the Crystallotherapy, where it is defined as “the stone of the beginning”. On our store you can find other rings and jewel created by Massimo Ripa, unfortunately for this article we have to conclude here. We hope to see you again next week, when we talk about another of our great master craftsmen.

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