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Interview with Federica Rezzi G, winner of the Lazio MarteLive 2021 final, crafts section

Posted on03/24/2022 by

Federica Rezzi Gioielli is one of the two joint winners of the Lazio regional final, Handicraft section of MArteLive 2021, the multi-disciplinary festival that involves multiple arts, from crafts to sculpture, music, theater, photography and many others, to create a single big event resulting from the synergy of several shows.

Art format born in 2001 in Rome, MArteLive, is an initiative of Giuseppe Casa, created together with a group of students from the Faculty of Economics of the RomaTre University and some young people from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. In 2011 it becomes BiennaleMArteLive, launching a totally innovative project, where for the first time the whole city of Rome is involved for six days and six nights, now involving about 60 different locations simultaneously including live clubs, theaters, galleries, monuments , walls, open spaces, squares, museums, libraries and spaces of culture, with almost 1,000 artists presented.

Over the span of twenty years, MArteLive has become one of the most interesting cultural events on the Italian scene, offering a true showcase to unknown artists, a real laboratory for thousands of young Italian artists and beyond., partner MarteLive, interviewed Federica Rezzi, the creator of Federica Rezzi Gioielli, a young Roman artist/artisan, born in 1981, graduated in Foreign Languages ​​and Literature who started working metal in 2011, when she moved to Berlin. A choice, that of making jewelry, born after various work experiences, also to realize what for her has been "a bit of a dream that has always been".

We know that starting your own business involves many sacrifices, how did this beautiful idea come about? And what were the steps taken to get to your production?

Like many I wanted to change my life and in a certain sense it happened, I started by attending the first courses in goldsmithing and then I found a laboratory in which to practice and learn. The experience gained in the first workshop was fundamental for me, there I learned from classical techniques, from the banquet, up to sand casting and I began to experiment, with different materials to be combined with silver and bronze, such as wood, ceramics and stones, having the opportunity to express my creativity and my vision that focuses on contrasts, the balance of opposites and the great expressive power of color.

After a first phase in which the jewels were created directly from metal, I passed, after a few years, to make them with the "lost wax" technique, casting a prototype modeled in wax in metal. The idea that the pieces are unique and different from each other, in fact, has always fascinated me. I believe it is an added value to have an object that differs from the others, albeit for a small mark, a trace left in the modeling or, why not, a fingerprint. Furthermore, I believe that it is not only the idea of ​​the jewel that must represent something but that the material used must also be able to communicate, both with the surface and the colors and with the contrast between glossy and opaque accompanied by the suggestive play of light and shadow that is comes to create.

In your experience, what is the starting point for creating a jewel or a new collection?

I design and make jewelry always starting from an emotion or an image and I let them represent me, creating in their diversity a meeting point in my style. I create jewels that contain a series of elements, in which I combine different surfaces, while respecting a balance between the parts, in order to always create an object that is “self-sufficient” and that can “tell itself”. Often, in fact, these are objects that fit well on their own and that can easily be worn without the need to add anything else.

As you can see from my productions, I really love to use stones and colors and colors are the protagonists of one of the two collections that I presented at the final of MarteLive calling it “Blume” (flowers). This collection is inspired by nature not so much in the forms, but in its great variety. The extreme vivacity of the stones, the play of shapes, the settings that in each ring assume different positions, contrast with the massive and geometric structure of the body of the rings. I tried to recreate a small bouquet of flowers that everyone can carry with them and personalize by choosing different combinations.

What was your impression of the experience with MarteLive?

The experience with MArteLive has allowed me to show what I do to a different audience and I was very happy with the result that will allow me to participate in the BiennaleMArteLive which will be held in October.

MarteLive gave me the opportunity to test myself by creating new collections for two different moments of this initiative. The other collection created is also very personal, born from the idea of ​​creating a jewel that is also symbolic and that brings to mind a moment of our life. I called this collection “Forget-me-knot” (don’t forget me) playing with the word “not” which becomes “Knot” knot.

It is that symbolic knot in the handkerchief we make to remember something. The irregularly knotted metal that creates a soft movement making each piece unique. In the space created by the turns, pearls or semi-precious stones are inserted, almost suspended, to underline the fragility of some moments in life which, although transitory, attract our attention and catalyze our gaze.

The knot is a symbol of what is truly important to us and that we must not forget. This work also arises from the need and desire to reuse materials. In fact, we often have old jewels that we don’t use, strings of pearls or stones that belonged to someone in our family. The idea of this collection arises precisely from the desire to carry a souvenir with you by integrating a part of it (stones or pearls of the customers) but in a new form, giving a new life to objects that would be forgotten.

The jewel here is the bearer of a story, ours and that of others and it is personal and customizable, another aspect of this work that I really like. Creating a dialogue between me and those who commission me a job is stimulating and rewarding, as well as always being a constructive confrontation that very often leads to new ideas.

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