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Creazioni Satodà – Sardinian craftsmanship in the name of the traditions

Posted on11/03/2020 by

Creazioni Satodà was born from the passion for craftsmanship, the works designed and drawn by hand and from the great love of Sandro Cadinu for the family, which led him, in 1997, to start his artisan business in Mamoiada, Sardinia.

The name Satodà is the acronym of the name of Sandro with the name of his wife and son. Sandro Cadinu begins to create for personal interest, then making this a real job, and his main activity. His carpentry, as well as a real artisan company, is based in the heart of Sardinia, the perfect place to work wood, as well as top quality materials such as glass, leather and resin, creating objects of great value and design, inspired by the culture and Sardinian tradition.

To create his products, Sandro uses different techniques, thus responding to the most diverse specific needs of his customers. Regardless of the technique used, however, its processes always start from the techniques of the Sardinian tradition to be then revisited in order to obtain unique, beautiful, functional and long-lasting pieces of craftsmanship.

In fact, he personalizes his works according to the imagination, formats, colours and the most particular requests of his customers.

Among the items made by Creazioni Satodà, the ones that have had the greatest appreciation, with requests coming from all over Europe on, are the Suspended Bedside Tables and the very traditional masks in leather or wood of the Sardinian carnival

The former, being suspended, allow a different, “atypical” and more creative management of spaces. They allow you to furnish with style but without cluttering. They are made in different formats and decorations, through a particular manufacturing process, with or without typical Sardinian engravings.

The second, which require a meticulous processing, can be of two types, those in wood and resin, with a wood carving process and those in leather that are made on wooden molds created directly by the craftsman and then modelled with meticulous attention.

The traditional masks of the carnival of Mamoiada di Sandro are completely handmade. There are two types: the Mamuthones and the Issohadores. The two figures are distinguished both by their clothes and by the way they move inside the procession: the former proceed wearily and in silence, the latter dress in a colourful way and give movement to the procession.

This Sardinian tradition, given its particularity, deserves a few more words: the Mamuthones are black and are tied to the face by leather straps and surrounded by a handkerchief of feminine style. The body of the wearer is covered with black sheepskin (mastruca) and a series of cowbells (carriga) are placed on the back. The whole mask is born from ancient rituals, from the rites of fertility and the elimination of evil. In life, every cycle can only begin with the elimination of the old: leather, in fact, passing from the animal world to the inorganic world, is the representation of the animal that sacrifices itself, reincarnating itself in a mask. The mask, at this point, will rise to new life.

The Issohadores, on the other hand, represent a dominant role with respect to the Mamuthones. The elders of Mamoiada refer to the subjects who wear these masks as those “dressed as Turks”, a consideration probably deriving from the bright colors worn. The clothing of the Issohadores includes a headdress made of dark wool tied to the chin with a coloured handkerchief, the white mask, baggy white trousers and shirt, gold buttons, black wool over-stockings, leather boots and red bodice. Over the shoulder, they carry a leather and fabric strap to which some rattles are tied. The use of the white mask was reinstated in 1996.

The beauty and richness of the Sardinian tradition allow Sandro to create handicrafts that are still and always current, taking inspiration from his land and carrying on the customs but also to reinvent himself, to respond to an increasingly wider local and international public.

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