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Terrenotrie, the land gives birth to art – Benedetto Ferraro

Posted on11/11/2017 by

Born on July 9, 1983 in Maratea (PZ), Benedetto Ferraro is, before than a craftsman, a true artist. He attended the State Art Institute of Cetraro (CS), graduating as a Master of Art in 2003 and specializing in the art pottery. A first direct experience with the work, after the studies, was that of a teacher in a ceramic course for prisoners in the District Circumcision of Paola (CS). Thus, began experimenting and by following his instincts his true art to ceramics.

In 2009 he realizes his dream by becoming the owner of a small laboratory Terorotrie in Tortora Marina (CS), where he experimented with and created new forms and objects that allow him to give life to his creativity as an all –around artist, always in search of new ideas. Ceramic is a true passion for Benedict who allows him to express himself through original works and performances. Every new work is a part of its artistic journey.

Benedetto’s works are made of refractory clay, this particular clay has a different plasticity than the other clay and allows it to obtain original shapes and colors. This is undoubtedly what it represents, its trait that, accompanied by the enthusiasm into processing of his work, he creates a concept of ceramics that goes beyond the simple concept of observing an artwork, allows to live it totally.

The name “Terrenotrie” is not randomly chosen and transmits this strong attachment that Benedetto has towards his own land, formerly belonged to Enotri. The roots well anchored to the history of its people will be the inspiration and the beginning of its artistic journey that gradually evolves just like clay over the years has seen a constant evolutionary growth. From the past to the ancient techniques. It creates not only lamps, but real light sources that pass through matter. Awareness of the importance of the history of ceramics, an ancient art as much as man, at some point it becomes a performance, with the “Adam” project.

Benedetto also produces performances in which he himself is the protagonist. In the performance, only covered by clay, he becomes his alter ego: Adam. Adam is a project that represents the rebirth Benedict, a man made of land that tells his story: for him the clay that working represents himself and his roots. Adam is a character drawn from genesis, represents the concept that God created man from the earth. The location of the performance photos was not randomly chosen, they are made in the Calanchi near Pisticci in the province of Matera in Basilicata. They represent scientifically a geomorphic phenomenon derived from the erosion of the soil that is produced by the effect of water splash on degraded clay rocks, with poor vegetation coverage and therefore little protected from rushing.

At the same time as his personal career, Benedetto is always on and always thinks to purse new stimuli, direct comparisons with other young ceramists and experts in the industry: thanks to participation in exhibitions, awards, events, fairs and festivals that have contributed greatly to practical knowledge of techniques and methods. He has worked as Ceramist for various training courses in various territorial projects for promotion and knowledge.

Last but not least, it was the “Terrenotrie Ceramic Festival” event dedicated entirely to ceramics during which there were workshops specifically dedicated to whom you could join in. Ceramist artists from across Italy were involved, by means of a Call for prizes which provided for three classified voted on a technical jury. The winning works remain the property of the municipality of Tortora and exhibited at the Blanda Museum in dedicated spaces – in a section of contemporary art ceramics. There has been the first edition of “La Terra racconta ” that wanted to showcase the unique vision of each individual participant, from his own spatial and personal point of view, thus emphasizing the importance of ceramic that has remote origins but without neglecting the importance of his contemporary vision.

"A Ceramic that escapes from traditional canons which must be not only to be observed but also lived".

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