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Martelive 2024: Visavy is the winning project in the crafts section of the macro-area final in Central Italy

Posted on03/11/2024 by

MArteLive is the multi-disciplinary festival that brings art in all its nuances to the stage, exploiting the simultaneity and hybridization of the arts to create a great event, the result of the synergy of multiple performances: "MArteLive lo Spettacolo totale".

On this occasion, on December 12 and 13 at the Qube in Rome, more than 300 emerging artists were the protagonists of the two evenings that saw an enthusiastic participation of more than 4,000 people in the many and varied performances. Afterwards, the winners of the Central Italy macro-area for each of the 15 competing categories were decreed by a specialized jury.

MArteLive, an artistic format that was born in Rome in 2001 as an initiative of Giuseppe Casa in collaboration with a group of students from the faculty of economics at RomaTre University and young people from the Rome Academy of Fine Arts, in 2011 becomes BiennaleMArteLive launching a totally innovative project. For the first time, in fact, for six days and six nights, the whole city of Rome is involved by the performances of emerging artists that between live clubs, theaters, galleries, monuments, walls, open spaces, squares, museums and Libraries and spaces of culture, involves more than 30 locations.

The BiennaleMArteLive, which this year will be held from September 23 to 28, 2014, thus becomes the evolution of the festival "MArteLive lo Spettacolo totale" extending the concept to a city dimension with European participation, hosting international artists and giving space to all expressions of youth cultures and artistic innovation.

Among the 15 competing categories of "MArteLive lo Spettacolo totale" the Winner of the Crafts category for the Central Italy macro-area is Visavy by Alessia Andaloro & Susanna Cimitan a women's luxury accessories brand with avant-garde and sustainable design that will rightfully participate in the grand finale, the BiennaleMArteLive 2024.

Visavy was born from the young creative minds of designers Alessia Andaloro and Susanna Cimitan as a women's luxury accessories brand. It positions itself on the made-in-Italy market as slow fashion, with handcrafted products made through innovative techniques and materials and environmentally conscious processing.

The target audience is between the ages of 25 and 50, with a strong fashion and design sensibility.

The Visavy style is characterized by a hybrid made of avant-garde with a futuristic vision, out of the box but captured from the past. Not surprisingly, the first proposed collection shows an avant-garde reinterpretation of the already futuristic, Space Age period that came to life in the 1960s.

Production of the items, at the moment, is made exclusively to order. As luxury, in fact, every single piece is curated ad hoc for the individual customer, allowing the experience to be taken care of in every detail and make each piece unique and exclusive. A process this allows to safeguard the environment by going against the fast fashion system that is slowly degrading it.

Alessia & Susanna are two very young and ambitious girls from 2001, who have always been passionate about art and fashion, both characterized by a strong aesthetic taste and a keen eye for innovation. After graduating, at the Liceo Artistico Paolo Mercuri in Ciampino (RM), they obtained their three-year degree at the Istituto Europeo di Design - IED, fashion design specialization, with accessories specialization.

Their great friendship and strong stylistic understanding led them first to work together on the writing of their thesis, presented under the name "Armenergy," and later to combine their styles to create an extremely innovative unicum: Visavy, an emerging brand of women's luxury accessories, handcrafted in Italy with the use of refined materials designed specifically for the clients.

Their first collection ARMENERGY, has as its theme energy harmonization, a true sensory journey recreated on fashion objects.

Energy. From the most explicit manifestation, "electricity," to a more primal and imperceptible vision, "life energy," innate and always inherent to life itself. Both stand clearly as pivotal elements of the collection. "Everything that surrounds us, everything that is life, is enveloped by an energetic fluid, a vital plasma that allows us interactions and movement".

Such energy has the possibility of being fed and changed through different channels. The collection, structured around the use of luminous and soft materials, gives life to a design with a futuristic and dynamic flavor, typical of the 1960s, with the intention of activating or elevating the intangible vital energy, thanks to a path of sensory, visual and tactile stimulation.

Find _Visavy_ on Instagram: @Visavy
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