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Clay Notes by Carla Lupatelli, winner of the "Crafts" section of the MArteLive Biennial

Posted on07/07/2023 by

A very young Roman artisan, Carla Lupatelli with her brand Clay Notes is the winner of the Handicraft prize of the last MArteLive Biennial won with her beautiful "Acrombale": decorative clay dolls, inspired by the world of circus and aerial acrobatics.

Starting point of the project, to find an alternative model of production, in contrast to the capitalist model and in favor of a qualitative process, capable of enhancing the individual qualities of each person.

An adventurous and multifaceted path, Carla's, has led her to experiment with and mold clay to tell the story of the theme very dear to her of circus art and acrobatic aerial sports with the audacious purpose of enhancing the uniqueness and beauty of the imperfect, challenging the stereotypes imposed by a society that too often confuses beauty with uniform perfection.

The result of this work are the enchanting decorative dolls called "Acrombale," which come to life through clay, giving form to bodies that may be considered outside the box, but which, at the same time, radiate harmony.

Metaphorically, his works represent the instability of modern society, with its precarious and uncertain balances. Like tightrope walkers advancing poised in the void, or trapeze artists hurling themselves into the abyss, so society seems to proceed in an uncertain manner, constantly searching for a point of reference.

To create these unique works of art, Carla, uses self-hardening clay, a moldable paste composed of natural minerals and clay that slowly hardens in air without the need for firing. This approach avoids gas emissions and reduces water and electricity consumption, espousing an ecological and sustainable philosophy.

CLAY NOTES and its Acrombales invite us with extreme simplicity to celebrate diversity and recognize beauty in all its nuances. Indeed, each creation is an ode to artistic freedom and the discovery of new horizons, transforming clay into profound emotions.

The artisanal production of Clay Notes, is based on the creation of small series of hand-molded and hand-painted products and, for this very reason, each Acrombala is never identical to another but always represents a unique piece.

In addition, thanks to the MarteLive award, Carla also won our award for MarteLive, rightfully earning a place in our marketplace and showcasing some of her Acrombole designs. On our platform, you can also request completely on-demand clothing for your favorite Acrombala by communicating directly with Carla through photos or drawings that the platform allows you to upload via images.

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