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Elevating the ordinary: the exceptional handcrafted wooden inlay bags by Deabags

Posted on01/29/2023 by

Wood, a natural and highly versatile material, has always been used for so many purposes from construction to the art of decorating and creating objects. Its natural beauty and warm feel make it ideal for creating furniture, home decorations, jewelry, sculptures and more. An absolutely environmentally friendly, sustainable and totally biodegradable material that can be recycled, reconstituted or reused for a variety of different purposes.

Among the many uses of this wonderful and varied material, artistic wooden bags are a unique and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional leather or fabric bags. Handcrafted, they can be decorated with a variety of techniques resulting in unique, functional and visually striking pieces.

One example is the beautiful Deabags bags, handcrafted from fine wood essences. These bags, are small works of art, unique pieces to carry by hand or over the shoulder, created using wood, leather and anodized aluminum, combined to make them beautiful, comfortable, lightweight and durable. Perfect for a sought-after event as well as for everyday use, they are made in 2 main formats, the trunks and Tot bags, both equipped with a sturdy handle and a chain or fabric shoulder strap depending on the model.

In addition to the peculiarity in the choice of materials, the distinguishing feature of Deabags artistic bags are the beautiful decorations created with the technique of wooden inlay, inspired by optical art with decorations that refer to the well-known school of Architecture, Art and Design of "BAUHAUS."

Ideal for women who want to stand out from the crowd while respecting the environment, these bags are true one-of-a-kind pieces, both because of the ever-changing wood grain and the choice of decorative motif, which is never duplicated, making each piece truly unique.

To ensure their uniqueness, moreover,  Deabags accompanies each model with a certificate of uniqueness and authenticity that includes a description of the materials used and a photo of the original work from which it was inspired.

The craftsmanship of each bag also ensures that it is a product created with great attention to detail, durable and long-lasting that can enjoy a much longer life than its leather sisters.

In conclusion, handcrafted wooden bags are a viable alternative to traditional leather bags, both in terms of ecological and artistic aspects. Their durability and lightness make them perfect for everyday use, while the attention to detail and wooden inlay make them unique and precious.

Choosing a handcrafted wooden bag means knowing how to stand out by supporting the art and creativity of craftsmanship, while helping to safeguard the environment.
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