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8 good reasons why it is important to buy Italian handicraft products online

Posted on10/31/2022 by

Italians are known around the world for their impeccable sense of style and taste. Italian culture, which has always been associated with art, fashion, architecture and food, is our greatest pride, and craftsmanship represents one of its greatest expressions. Objects of the highest workmanship and beauty that encapsulate our know-how; complex techniques, traditions, creativity, durability, style and uniqueness are just some of the words that identify it.

Third among the reasons why tourists come to Italy, it has finally, thanks to the web, become accessible and purchasable from the comfort of home, from anywhere in the world.

Indeed, the boom in e-commerce has opened up new opportunities for small artisans who can now sell directly online to end consumers, and global demand for authentic artisanal products has grown exponentially over the past decade. In this context, Made in Italy has emerged as a powerful brand with global appeal and a growing list of products and artisans. Consumers, in particular, are looking for unique or customizable pieces that can also be passed down to future generations.

But why is it so important that Italian handicrafts can also be purchased online?
In this article we try to explain it, analyzing the direct and indirect benefits of this opportunity.

Why buy Italian handicrafts online?

There are many reasons why it is important and beneficial to buy Italian handicrafts online. Besides being a great way to support the Italian economy, Italian handicrafts are the result of years of experience and traditions, capable of transforming common materials into small works of art.

Italian handcrafted items, perfect for enriching and decorating our homes, are also produced with a low environmental impact compared to industrial production, and, buying online, as the latest studies show, is the greenest way to buy it, because it reduces CO2 production compared to going to the workshop in person.

Always unique and never identical precisely because they are the result of manual labor, their artifacts are also different from craftsman to craftsman, since, as happens in art, each craftsman has his own unique style and characteristics.

Moreover, thanks to the potential of the web, it is becoming easier and easier to request customizations, different colors or even made-to-measure items according to the customer's design, also ensuring greater consumer protection and more timely deliveries.

Where to buy Italian handicrafts online?

There are several e-commerce and marketplaces, Italian and otherwise, dedicated to just this purpose; each of which focuses on certain sectors, from clothing to footwear, jewelry, furniture, interior decoration or fashion accessories. Among them, is a multi-sector marketplace that focuses on interior decoration, handcrafted handbags and jewelry, ranging from typical and traditional items to more modern and design-oriented items, usually the result of the experimentation and flair of younger artisans.

Buying Italian handicraft items online, thanks to, has become convenient and hassle-free. This platform, in fact, allows you to choose and request items and customizations directly from home, with the certainty of reliable service and the guarantee of 100% Made in Italy.

Created in 2011 precisely to give voice and adequate tools to professional Italian artisans, is a digital platform that connects selected Italian master artisans directly with their target audience of consumers, offering, in case of customizations and tailor-made requests, the possibility to communicate directly with the artisan.

Some tips for buying Italian handicrafts online

Before buying Italian handicrafts online, when you do not know the artisan, you should make sure that the product is authentic. There are several ways to do this, checking the artisan's web profile, checking reviews online, and watching videos of workmanship. Another possibility will be to ask the artisan to provide a certificate of authenticity and production made in Italy.

In this verification, offers concrete help to buyers because it guarantees authenticity and 100% made in Italy by carefully selecting the artisans on the platform and verifying respect for the environment at all stages of production and distribution.

In conclusion

As seen in this article, by buying Italian handicrafts online, we have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of excellent, long-lasting products. We can request our favorite colors and have our designs made by expert hands; we can respect the environment, help our economy and have greater guarantees on the product and sale with the convenience of shopping directly from home. So here are 8 good reasons to buy crafts online:

1) Support for the category and the made-in-Italy economy.
2) Wide choice of durable and long-lasting items
3) Possibility of customizing shapes, sizes and colors
4) Possibility of requesting custom-made items from the customer's design
5) Items made with low environmental impact
6) 100% Made in Italy guarantee with the possibility of having their authenticity certified
7) Reduction of CO2 production due to shipping by couriers
8) Greater accuracy on production timing and shipping time

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