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Marta Driusso, from the Academy of Fine Arts to the conception of CeramicPaper for the creation of unique jewels

Marta Driusso aka  La Mancina was born in Portogruaro (Venice) in 1990 ,where she graduated from Liceo Classico but of course, this is easily available information and I wouldn’t like to tell you about that.

Instead, what I would like to bring to your attention is that Marta, at only 30 years old, is already a real all-round artist with several years of study, important international experiences. Above all, she is the creator of a new material: it’s shiny, waterproof and resistant like ceramic but light and mouldable like paper.

After the gymnasium, embarked on the artistic path, enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where she learned different artistic history, styles and techniques but above all, she was able to take advantage of all the opportunities that the university offers to gain experience in the field and abroad.

In fact, during her university career, she has the opportunity to fly to Spain, to Seville, for an extraordinary Erasmus Placement at the Ceraselle company. And since she’s a smart girl, El Pais talks about her too!

She is mentioned for having collaborated with the two Italian architects who set up the company, Ilaria de Pasquale and Marica Vazzana (and if this still seems like “trivial” news, it’s important for you to know that these two great women are present in some very famous and international museums such as the Victor & Albert in London, the Museum of Impressionnismes in Giverny, the Louisiana of Modern Art in Copenhagen and the Archaeological Museum of Cordoba. As well as in the United States, France, Belgium, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Azerbaijan.

After Seville, she moved to Berlin, where she did an internship at the Maria Volokhova atelier.

Marta lived two important experiences,  in two countries that have such strong and different personalities that it certainly influenced her in defining her unique style also through her first experiences in the company.

Thus, after having passed with honors the Master in History and Design of Jewelry at the University of Siena, (where, among other things, she also received a scholarship) she inaugurated her business: La Mancina – unconventional jewelry.

She chooses the name not only because she writes and draws with her left hand, but above all to offer the world a new perspective, hers! She expresses her new perspective through a new material called CartoCeramica (or CeramicPaper)  with which she realizes wonderful jewels, resistant to time and very light to wear.

It’s a material rich in qualities such as shine, impermeability, resistance and lightness that Marta has refined over the years, continually perfecting it, up to the choice of the best doses and components to be used also in a production perspective that puts respect for the environment in the first place.

Nowadays, in fact, Marta Driusso uses recycled paper, industrial waste ceramic powder and resin, resulting materials that make her creations, often inspired by nature, green in all respects.

Obviously, as a true artisan, she personally makes all her jewels by hand, making them unique and unrepeatable.

She creates different types of bijoux: earrings, rings, brooches, necklaces, pendants that, made in different colors or customizable at the customer’s request, adapt perfectly to any situation, from casual to elegant, from a particular dinner to everyday’s working life.

With their bright colors and often considerable size, La Mancina jewels certainly do not go unnoticed but despite their size, you will forget you’re wearing them!

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