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Florence - XXIX edition for "Crafts and Palace" 15 - 17 September '23

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ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO will once again bring to life a new visual narrative of craftsmanship this year at the beautiful Corsini Garden in Florence, revealing different perspectives of savoir-faire through exhibition, displays and three major projects whose protagonists will be Métiers d'Excellence LVMH, Artex and Starhotels that will provide an opportunity for young people to learn more about and be involved in different aspects of high craftsmanship, highlighting its value and its capacity for innovation.

The event, which will start on Friday, September 15, at 10 a.m. and will end on Sunday, September 17, features a careful selection of high craftsmanship by showcasing the excellence of our Italian know-how and beyond. Thanks to the "Blogs&Crafts" Competition, in fact, in addition to involving young artisans who, with their particular vision on innovation issues, bring a fundamental contribution in the changes of the craft sector, this year participation is also extended to young craftsmen from all over Europe thanks to the collaboration with World Crafts Council Europe.

The 2023 edition of the event therefore puts young people at the center and offers a rich program with prizes, tastings, recipes, seminars, meetings, workshops, book presentations and live performances.

In addition, we are very happy to announce that this year, thanks to the Blogs&Crafts contest, we at will also be there to tell you about the event, trying to take you with us through our socials and our blog, which on Saturday will offer you an article entirely dedicated to the young exhibitors of the Blogs&Crafts contest.

The must-see events of the XXIXth edition of Crafts and Palace:

Métiers d’Excellence LVMH

Sanctifying the great attention to young people is the presence for the first time at the Exhibition and the debut of the collaboration with Métiers d’Excellence LVMH, a program of the LVMH Group created in 2021 with the aim of transmitting and enhancing the extraordinary heritage of the crafts of excellence, with the desire to attract a new generation and recruit the best talents. to foster in them a vocation and a passion so they can carry on the great tradition of crafts of excellence.


“Matter and Virtuosity”

Group exhibition promoted by Artex - Center for Artistic and Traditional Crafts of Tuscany

The group exhibition “Materia e Virtuosismo” is being held as part of the Galleria dell'Artigianato project, which has been presenting themes and performers of Tuscan excellence in Italy and abroad since 2005 and has for many years benefited from the scientific curatorship of Jean Blanchaert. For this edition of ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO, which takes place in the European Year of Skills instituted by the European Commission, objects made thanks to the best technical and creative skills that the Tuscan territory can express will be showcased in the "Focus" space.

The excellence of craftsmanship becomes true virtuosity, declined in the various materials and processing techniques. The exhibition aims to show, enhance, make known and admire the exceptional levels that experience and technique reach when they generate true masterpieces, which arouse the desire to be treasured by present and future generations to continue to be admired over time. Symbols of man's infinite creative abilities, and his striving to know and challenge the limits of matter.


“The Great Beauty by Starhotels”

in collaboration with OMA - Associazione Osservatorio dei Mestieri d'Arte, Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d'Arte and Gruppo Editoriale.

The Great Beauty by Starhotels” will bring to the Limonaia Grandi Maestri the creations that arise from the virtuous contamination between craftsmanship and hospitality of excellence signed by designer Sara Ricciardi, the result of a partnership between culture, hospitality and great craftsmanship. It is the blown glass collection for the table Cloris - plates, glasses, vases and risers - produced by the Treviso-based company Vetrarti, known for the production of high quality Murano glass that will be presented on a precious linen tablecloth embroidered with multicolored petals, made by Tessilarte, a historic Florentine company of fine linens for the home. It is joined by the Phoenix fragrance diffuser, a sculptural container object with the image of the Phoenix that involves: the Turin-based perfume maison Diletta Tonatto, the historic Murano furnace Mian, and the Milan-based metal workshop Silver Tre.


“Craftsmanship that unites, craftsmanship that includes”


ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO's focus on social work continues, which, thanks to the support of funds from the Waldensian Church, will welcome five social cooperatives at the Exhibition - gathered in the Androne of Palazzo Corsini - where young people with different disabilities will be able to exhibit and sell their creations, involve the public with whorkshops and live demonstrations.

Cooperatives in the exhibition will be Trisomy 21, accessories and gifts made with different techniques by children with Down syndrome. Made in Sipario, a handicraft workshop where disabled "special artists" work by hand decorating paper, ceramics, wood and fabric for shopping bags, tableware and homeware. Mosquito Workshop, innovative graphic arts decorations made by boys and girls with mental disabilities aided by a team of professionals from the fields of visual communication, design and art. Ulysses Piedelibero, a workshop where abandoned bicycles from the Depositeria Comunale have new life: repaired and restored by inmates in the workshops of the Florentine prison and put back on the road; but also a training workshop for young mechanics aimed at boys from the Juvenile Institute. Guri I Zi an ethical brand of handcrafted textiles, for the table and the home, made on a loom as part of the women's textile microenterprise project in northern Albania launched in 2006 to improve the lives of women, their families and the entire community today gives work and dignity to more than 40 people.

The initiative is part of the project "Craftsmanship that unites, craftsmanship that includes" promoted by the Giardino Corsini Association in order to foster synergies among those who have chosen craftsmanship as an opportunity for inclusion, through training courses, meetings, marketing actions and promotion of their skills and works.

Part of this project is a program of "conversations" and themed meetings on the relationship between artistic form/disability and craftsmanship as a form of social inclusion, which will be organized during the three days of the exhibition to launch a call for investment in training and promotion of craftwork for the start of a project to enter the world of work.



Now in its 10th edition, the special competition "BLOGS & CRAFTS the young craftsmen and the web" aimed at crafts under 35 and influencers and talent launched by ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO in 2014 to involve the new generations who, with their particular vision on innovation issues, bring a fundamental contribution in the changes of the craft sector.

The hope is to be able to host more and more young people and, with their presence in the Scuderie di Palazzo Corsini-the exclusive area in the Exhibition dedicated to them-to make visitors understand that craftsmanship is a concrete reality for young people. The contest crosses borders and has opened again this year to the whole of Europe, thanks to the collaboration with the World Crafts Council Europe. The collaboration with the Ferragamo Foundation was renewed, which organized for participants a private visit to the Salvatore Ferragamo Archives, guardian of the company's tradition and the craftsmanship so dear to its founder. Influencers will be tasked with live blogging the exhibition on their social channels, invited to Florence as guests of Starhotels



The 10th edition of "Family Recipes", curated by food and wine journalist Annamaria Tossani, will be dedicated to the intertwining of gastronomic culture and opera. Special guests, star performers of our times will be soprano Rajna Kabaivanska, Superintendent of the Fondazione Arena di Verona and soprano Cecilia Gasdia, mezzo-soprano Eufemia Tufano and baritone Vito Priante.The three daily events will be held at 6 p.m. in the "Giardinetto delle Rose", in a theatrical atmosphere thanks to Fornasetti's installation of "Teatro" wallpaper by Cole & Son. and listening to live and recorded speeches of opera pieces.

The audience will be able to watch live cooking of recipes made on a professional Inox Metal kitchen by chefs from the University of Italian Cuisine directed by Guido Mori, which offers various educational courses in Culinary Arts and Sciences, White Arts and Pastry and in Food and Wine Journalism.

Friday, September 15

ore 10,00 Camera di Commercio Firenze "Firenze Capitale del Restauro"
ore 11,00 Inaugurazione ufficiale della XXIX edizione di ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO
ore 11,30 Assegnazione delPremio Giorgiana Corsiniallo stand più bello
ore 12,00 "Profumi a scena aperta: dietro le quinte della profumeria artigiana"
Francesca Di Massimo, Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio
ore 13,00 Università della Cucina Italiana: degustazione Pet nat con Yohana Fuller
(Dati i posti limitati è gradita la prenotazione: - 328 5419871)
ore 15,00 "Una conversazione con..." Guri I Zi con Renata Duretti Progetto sociale "L'artigianato che unisce, l'artigianato che include" sostenuto con i fondi Otto per Mille Chiesa Valdese
ore 16,00 Workshop dimostrativo di tessitura con Guri I Zi
ore 18,00 "Cucina all'Opera: la Lirica a Ricette di Famiglia" incontro con Raina Kabaiwanska

Saturday, September 16

ore 11,00 Workshop dimostrativo di oggettistica con Made in Sipario
ore 12,00 "Profumi a scena aperta: dietro le quinte della profumeria artigiana" Letizia Longo, Aromantique
ore 13,00 Università della Cucina Italiana: degustazione Pet nat con Yohana Fuller
(Dati i posti limitati è gradita la prenotazione: - 328 5419871)
ore 15,00 "Una conversazione con..." Made in Sipario con Francesca Guicciardini | Laboratorio Zanzara con Paolo Rossi Prodi e Pauline Gandiol di Métiers d'Excellence / LVMH
Progetto sociale "L'artigianato che unisce, l'artigianato che include" sostenuto con i fondi Otto per Mille Chiesa Valdese 
ore 16,00 Workshop dimostrativo di decorazione con Laboratorio Zanzara
ore 16,30 Presentazione del libro "Design e artigianalità avanzata" di Gabriele Goretti
(Dati i posti limitati è gradita la prenotazione entro mercoledì 13 settembre:
ore 18,00 "Cucina all'Opera: la Lirica a Ricette di Famiglia" incontro con Cecilia Gasdia

Sunday, September 17

ore 11,00 Workshop dimostrativo di oggettistica con Trisomia 21 APS
ore 11,30 Esibizione dal vivo del "Quartetto Tarab" "Intermezzo" di Cavalleria Rusticana di Pietro Mascagni
ore 12,00 "Profumi a scena aperta: dietro le quinte della profumeria artigiana" Fernanda Russo, Antica Erboristeria San Simone
ore 13,00 Università della Cucina Italiana: corso di distillazione con Stefano Cicalese 
(Dati i posti limitati è gradita la prenotazione: - 328 5419871)
ore 15,00 "Una conversazione con..." Associazione Trisomia 21 APS con Jean Blanchaert | Cooperativa Ulisse con Giovanni Lami Progetto sociale "L'artigianato che unisce, l'artigianato che include" sostenuto con i fondi Otto per Mille Chiesa Valdese
ore 16,00 Workshop dimostrativo di riparazione biciclette con Cooperativa Ulisse
ore 17,00 Università della Cucina Italiana: la storia del Negroni con Julian Biondi
(Dati i posti limitati è gradita la prenotazione: - 328 5419871)
ore 18,00 "Cucina all'Opera: la Lirica a Ricette di Famiglia" incontro con Vito Priante e Eufemia Tufano
ore 19,00 Assegnazione del "Premio Perseo" all'espositore più votato dal pubblico


10:00 a.m./7:00 p.m. Workshop Métiers d'Excellence / LVMH con le maison Dior, Louis Vuitton e Thélios

3 p.m. "Wicker weaving workshop" with Giotto Scatamelli
From breakfast to aperitif Streetfood Refreshment Area



The Corsini Garden Association is committed from 2018 to organize and support for each edition a fundraiser to promote the study, knowledge, and restoration of a little-known cultural reality of the area, aimed at individuals and companies.

The new 2023 fundraising campaign titled "Embrace the Buontalenti Loggia" will contribute to the restoration of the monumental Buontalenti Loggia of Palazzo Corsini in Florence that Bernardo Buontalenti built in 1591 along with the complex hydraulic system to conduct water to the fountains of the Renaissance Garden.

As per the project already approved by the Superintendent's Office, diagnostic investigations are underway to then begin the restoration and conservation work that will involve the Loggia, the Fountain and the terrace above.

At ARTISAN AND PALACE, the Buontalenti Loggia has always been a meeting point: an agora for artisans, visitors, authorities and institutions. But not only that, in recent years it is the stage reserved for artists, selected for their talent and generosity, who have the opportunity to exhibit in an extraordinary setting of contaminations between ancient and contemporary.

Upon completion of the work, the Corsini Garden will be available to the public free of charge - in accordance with the indications of a Convention that will be stipulated later with the entities in charge - and all those who have contributed to the restoration will be remembered in a special plaque affixed under the Loggia itself.

"Embrace the Buontalenti Loggia" organizers have called upon Anglo-Norwegian artist Magnus Gjoen who will create a limited, collectible series of "snowballs" inspired by late Renaissance and Baroque styles. All proceeds from donations received for the works will go into the fundraiser. For more information or reservations write to

The campaign can be supported at any time with a free donation:

Bank Transfer:


c/c no. 50459100000004030 Intesa Sanpaolo Spa - Agency 8 / Via il Prato, Florence IBAN: IT09 K030 6902 9921 0000 0004 030 - SWIFT: BCITITMMXXX


or via PayPal -- Go to the Artiginato e Palazzo website: Clicca QUi

The ARTISANATO E PALAZZO artisan workshops and their commissions exhibition is organized and promoted by the Giardino Corsini Corsini Cultural Association-nonprofit and chaired by Sabina Corsini-which is committed to the enhancement and protection of the quality of excellent craftsmanship, the value of handmade products and the important heritage of knowledge and techniques handed down by true master craftsmen, the only protagonists of Made in Italy.

2023 Promoter Committee

Stefano Aluffi Pentini, Jean Blanchaert, Marcantonio Brandolini d'Adda, Fausto Calderai, Nicolò Castellini Baldissera, Chiarastella Cattana, Matteo Corvino, Benedikt Bolza, Maria de’ Peverelli, Costantino D'Orazio, Viola Emaldi, Elisabetta Fabri, Maria Sole Ferragamo, Drusilla Foer, Barnaba Fornasetti, Bona Frescobaldi, Alessandra Galtrucco, Alvar Gonzales Palacios, Francesca Guicciardini, Ferruccio Laviani, Federico Marchetti, Alessia Margiotta Broglio, Martino di Napoli Rampolla, Carlo Orsi, Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi, Clarice Pecori Giraldi, Natalie Rucellai, Maria Shollenbarger, Luigi Settembrini, Guido Taroni, Simone Todorow.

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