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Vittorio Ceccoli Jewelry

Vittorio Ceccoli Jewelry

Born in Bologna, in 1976, where he studied at the Art Institute and where he currently lives and works, from an early age he has always distinguished himself for his creativity, developing over the years a marked originality and inexhaustible imagination, oriented to the realization of furnishing objects and bijoux, made with metals, stones and crystals, obtaining innovative and fashionable shapes.

He spent several years on the team of a leading high-fashion accessories design and manufacturing company, in which he oversaw the creation of jewelry and accessories for footwear, handbags and clothing, specializing in the techniques of soldering, stamping and punching brass and creating unique jewelry and accessories that were highly prized by leading designers who chose his prototypes for their productions.

In 2010, thanks to the skills and professionalism acquired, he then founded his company, Vittorio Ceccoli Jewelry Design and today he makes jewels in a conscious way, proposing to his customers creations arising from his fantastic imagination, made of play, inspirations derived from the world of nature, of the street and haute couture.

The key element that distinguishes him is the use of crystal stones and original Swarovski drops through which he makes his creations of great impact and elegance. Jewels that hardly go unnoticed but able to dress both high fashion clothes and the most common ones of every day, enriching them and enhancing the wearer.

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