Terms and Conditions

This regulation describes terms and conditions applicable to your use of the services available on Madeinitalyfor.me, to which you will be given the opportunity to express your consent during the registration phase. Undertaking to don’t use the services and the site, if not accepting the conditions and read them carefully before using the services of the portal. If you need further information or clarification you can contact us through the appropriate channels in the inner page dedicated to the assistance.


Pursuant to and for the effects of these Conditions the following definitions apply.

  • Artisans: provide products and/or services. Each of the craftsmen is at the same time also user of the other Artisans with respect to the products and/or services provided by them.

  • Madeinitalyfor.me: is the portal for Italian craftsmanship, created and run by Madeinitalyfor.me s.r.l, based in FIRENZE (FI) VIA G DAL PIAN DEI CARPINI 96/6 CAP 50127

  • Users: People registered at MadeinItalyfor.me that can purchase through the portal.

Use of the services via the internet

The service Madeinialyfor.me is free but all the costs of connection to the Internet on the computer from which the User uses the Service are charged to the User.

Madeinialyfor.me reserves itself the right to add new functionality to the Services, or to delete, at its own unquestionable discretion.

Registration requirements and fees

Our services can not be used by under 18 years or bv user temporarily or permanently suspended from Madeinitalyfor.me. Your account and your User ID can not be transferred or sold to third parties. The registration to Madeinitalyfor.me and the use of the services are totally free activities.

The artisans who want to sell on Madeinitalyfor.me can choose between three types of affiliation. (See types of affiliation).

When registers himself, the User or craftsman chooses the Access Codes, using them he can access to the User Area and use the Services through the Connection Modes.

The User or craftsman, have to remember the username and keep the password secret, being the User responsible for all activities that are carried out by making use of his Access Codes.

The user or craftsman can (and commits himself to do this periodically) to change the password, using the tools available in the User Area.

The User or craftsman registered can use the Services any time he likes when they are available through the Connection Modes.

The registration process is complete and binding only when the user uses the activation link who receive by e-mail from MadeinItalyfor.me and complete the procedure.

None of the information contained in the Site may be considered as an offer of services but an invitation to submit your registration request.

Duration of the relationship of withdrawal

Services to the users are active for an indefinite period starting from the moment when the registration is approved, while the affiliation of the craftsman lasts for one year beginning January 1 and ending December 31st.

The User or craftsman can terminate cancelling his registration at any time renouncing in the case of Craftsman with payment affiliations to the annual fee paid.

The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending a written notice by registered letter to MadeinItalyfor.me Artisans WebService Armando Salerno Mele within the time specified by Italian law and with acknowledgment of receipt.

The notice may be sent also by telegram and e-mail on condition that it is confirmed by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within forty-eight hours; the letter is considered sent in time if delivered to the post office before the deadline. The acknowledgment of receipt is not, however, an essential condition for prove the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

The User can also recede by using the procedure eventually available in his own personal profile.

The User takes note that the option to withdraw mentioned above is wider, both for conditions both for operating modes, than that granted by Articles. 64-67 (Exercise of the right of withdrawal) of Legislative Decree 206/2005 (Consumer Code), also with reference to the terms of exercise under Article 65 co. 3 (60 and 90 days), of which he recognizes that he has been informed.

With the cancellation of the registration Madeinitalyfor.me is free to delete all Content that may be present in the user profile.

Role of Madeinitalyfor.me

Madeinitalyfor.me hasn’t any auction mechanism, it doesn’t exercise any brokerage or shipping activity. Madeinitalyfor.me is a place in the network that offers to its users the opportunity to sell and buy items of Italian craftsmanship, at any time, from anywhere on the Internet in the world and in different ways, including sales facilitated for aggregation, commonly discounts on large orders.Madeinitalyfor.me except an initial fact-finding investigation hasn’t any control or responsibility for the quality, safety, legality of goods for sale but only occurs that the product is Made in Italy 100% and that there is attention to the environment by the artisans. Furthermore it can’t verify the veracity and accuracy of the listings or the ability of users to buy, sell and make offerings unless user reports. Madeinitalyfor.me has no role in the sale which takes place between users and artisans as a result of their activities on the site

Security of transactions

Madeinitalyfor.me will try to keep the platform as secure as possible through the continuous updating of the platform and the verification of all members and the immediate expulsion in the event of violation of this regulation. Madeinitalyfor.me can’t in any case to answer for any damages, direct or indirect, suffered by some users. We invite you to gather all the information about the individuals with whom you intend to carry out a transaction and for this purpose you can also use the feedback system based on the information of our users. In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 70/2003 and Directive on Electronic Commerce 31/2000/CE, Madeinitalyfor.me is not subject to any obligation of supervision on the activities carried on its website.

Disclaimer of liability

Since Madeinitalyfor.me plays no role of brokerage or control in the transactions, in case of disputes the users commit themselves to exclude from any liability or to claim damages of any kind to Madeinitalyfor.me or Artisans WebService Armando Salerno Mele that produces it.

Information control

Madeinitalyfor.me hasn’t any control over the information of the items for sale provided by users through its own website.

Offers and purchases

 Acquista solamente se hai intenzione di comprare realmente il bene artigianale e ricordati che la transazione si avvia alla conferma dell’acquisto dopo la disponibilità da parte dell’artigiano. Quando fai una richiesta per un oggetto su misura non si è vincolati alla realizzazione se non previa conferma successiva, in base ai preventivi proposti dagli artigiani. Altresì gli artigiani si impegnano relativamente ad un oggetto “richiesto su misura” , a non variare l’offerta fatta e le condizioni di vendita contenute nel preventivo salvo accordi con l’utente. Le offerte degli artigiani accettate non possono essere ritirate.


Description of the items for sale. To put an item for sale on Madeinitalyfor.me, you must be a craftsman enrolled in the Register with VAT number, have personally made (or in staff) the object, you have to legally dispose it and describe it accurately. Your ads may contain a text, graphics or video description and other that describing the item offered for sale. All items must be placed in the appropriate category. Its also prohibited to select languages ​​other than those actually used for the text insertion (eg, if the description is only in Italian, should be selected ONLY the Italian language).


In addition to the others remedies provided by law, Madeinitalyfor.me reserves itself the right to suspend your account if found undertaken fraudulent activities.


Your Information


Your personal Information is any data that you communicate to Bottega Artigiana or other users during the registration, submission of offers, offering for sale, sending messages in the forum, the feedback or through the services offered.


Your personal Information and your activities must not:

1. Be false, inaccurate or misleading

2. Violate the rights of copyright, intellectual and industrial property of third parties

3. Violate the right to the privacy and to the protection of individuals with regard to the treatment of their personal data

4. Violate any laws or regulations (including the legislation on export/import of goods, consumer protection, unfair competition, racial discrimination and false advertising);

5. Contain defamation, slander, threats or harassment

6. Be obscene or contain pornographic material

7. Contain viruses or other programs designed to damage, detrimentally interfere, intercept or expropriate any operating system, data or personal information

8. Causing damage of any kind to MadeinItalyfor.me

9. Causing a total or partial disruption or suspension of the service of our suppliers.


With this regulation you authorize Bottega Artigiana to publish the information you provided and you allow to Bottega Artigiana an irrevocable license of use, royalty-free and transferable of the copyright, other intellectual property rights and the right of your image in relation to your personal Information. Bottega Artigiana will treat your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy

Access and interferences

By agreeing to this regulation, you commit yourself to don’t use software programs or other automatic or manual mechanisms to copy our web pages or their content without our express permission in writing. You commit yourself to don’t use any mechanism, software or procedure that may interfere with the proper working of Bottega Artigiana. You commit yourself to don’t take any action that would cause an unreasonable overload of activity of our technological infrastructure and our system. Most of the information available on our web site is updated in real time and is owned by us or has been licensed to us for use by our users. You therefore commit yourself to don’t copy, reproduce, alter, modify, or distribute such contents (except for your personal Information) without our express permission in writing, or the express consent of the holders of intellectual property rights in such contents.

Suspension and exclusion

Without prejudice to the ordinary remedies provided by law for breach of the obligations arising from this regulation, Bottega Artigiana reserves itself the right to send a notice, suspend you for a definite or indefinite period, interrupting the provision of their own services in case of:

1. violations of this regulation;

2. impossibility for Bottega Artigiana to verify the authenticity of the information that you provide during the registration or during the use of the service;

3. execution of actions that could result in economically significant damage or legal liability borne by Bottega Artigiana or by other users.

Offensive statements

It is possible that other users make judgments about your behavior that you may feel false or damaging to your image. In this case, regardless of the decision to cancel or not such statements, you renounce to any claim against Bottega Artigiana in connection with these contents, recognizing that Bottega Artigiana has no power to verify and check those. Bottega Artigiana reserves itself the right to remove a feedback comment or a message posted on the forum at its discretion.


Within the limits provided by law, and subject to the rights of consumers, Bottega Artigiana offers its services “as they are” without any further warranty, either express or implied.

Limitation of liability

Within the limits provided by law and subject to the rights of consumers, Bottega Artigiana is not in any way responsible for economic losses, for direct and indirect damages, even to the image, eventually suffered by users or third parties as a result of the use of the site or of its services. By accepting this regulation, you agree to hold harmless Bottega Artigiana from any claim or demand for damages from third parties that may result from the violation of even one of the conditions contained in this regulation, legal obligations or rights of third parties .

Compliance with law

All users of Bottega Artigiana are required to comply with national and international laws and with the regulations governing the use of the services.

Autonomy of the parties

Bottega Artigiana and its users act in full autonomy and independence. This regulation doesn’t establish any collaboration, agency, association, intermediation or employment relationship between them.

Items which are prohibited the sale

  • Objects of mass production or not of Italian craftsmanship
  • Fire and cutting arms
  • Arms and knives
  • Alcoholic beverages, except for those products considered traditional or artisanal
  • Identity documents, government licenses
  • Drugs, narcotic and accessories
  • Drugs, narcotic and medical devices
  • Fireworks
  • Offensive material
  • Autographed items
  • Dangerous objects, subject to particular limitations of sale or perishable
  • Stolen items
  • Objects subjected to embargo and countries to which is not permitted to export
  • Bodies, human remains and organic material
  • Property of the State or of public bodies, including goods of artistic, historic or archaeological interest
  • Just for adults
  • Burglary tools and for the opening of locks
  • Tobaccos