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Maestri del gioiello milano ottobre 2019

Milan. Returns “Maestri del Gioiello”, national exhibition of goldsmith and artisan jewelery, on 19 and 20 October 2019

Wonderful and special collections of jewels, from the most important and prestigious ones to the most portable and suitable to be “unique” every day

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Leonardo Landolfo, the goldsmith of “Abruzzi”

Leonardo Landolfo goldsmith uses traditional techniques along with modern designs.

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Massimo Ripa, “touchable” jewels

Massimo Ripa, a goldsmith from Marche (an Italian region), wants to uproot one of the cornerstones of Italian culture: art are destined to live in dusty cases to be observed but don’t touch. Massimo’s jewels are instead made to be looked and touched at the same time!

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RobertaGold, the passion shine like a precious jewel

Roberta Gold, a passion for jewel that goes beyond work, it is a lifestyle and a love that will not settle easily.

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Gold/Italy – 24/26 October, Arezzo

GOLD ITALY – 24/26 October, Arezzo. Three days exceptional and intense business, rich in events and entirely dedicated to jewelry designed and made from the best Italian companies

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