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Retrospective on MArteLive

Artists and special gave life to “MArteLive – Lo spettacolo totale”, laying the foundations for the highly anticipated event that awaits us in 2019: the BiennaleMArteLive.

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Header Martelive

MArteLive event December 2019

MArteLIve is back in town next weekend, from the 13th to the 14th with special events on the 12th. This article give you all the information you need to navigate through the thousands of “rendezvous” of this great event.

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Naomi Berrill 1

Naomi Berrill – Hand Made Music, music and craftsmanship in Tuscany

Hand Made Music is a project by Naomi Berrill, Irish multi-instrumentalist, in collaboration with the Tuscany Region, that would create a bridge between music and Tuscan craftsmanship with musicvideo shot in Italian workshop.

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