Video Storytelling – Cutlery – Giagu Lab. in Pattada (SS)

Laboratorio-Giagu-2Maria Rosaria Deroma and Salvatore Giagu are the soul of the Giagu Laboratory, a cutlery in Pattada, Sardinia, operating since 1985. There they produce their high quality products completely by hand employing traditional techniques.

In the video below you can witness the creation of one of the knives from Pattada: The Resolza. After the horn is selected it is then cut, heated and put in a press to form a plaque that will be cut and flattened to form the handle. The blade is forged using steel.



Laboratorio Giagu

e-mail: coltelligiagupattada@tiscali.it

Laboratorio – Tel.: +39 079 755918 // +39 079 755918
Salvatore – Tel.: +39 348 6542753 // +39 348 6542753
Maria Rosaria – Tel.: +39 346 6627174 //+39 346 6627174

Laboratorio Giagu: via Vittorio Emanuele, n° 64 – 07016 – Pattada (SS)

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