Tailored Solutions

for all tastes and materials

The Service provided by Madeinitalyfor.me allows users to request tailored items of any kind and form, or customize existing ones. Requests may be made by direct contact with the artisan or by using the “preventive” function of the carriage.

The user can make request in two modes:

  1. By direct contact with the artisan, accessible from the link located in the site of each artisan, you can make special requests and to carry out your own projects by the expert hands of professional craftsmen. If the preventive is accepted by both parties, the order is uploaded to the portal and can be purchased by the customer. (Madeinitalyfor.me will follow the negotiation in copy)
  2. By the space “Notes” dedicated to customer communication during the purchase you will be able to request a customization of an item for sale, suspend the payment and wait for the preventive for the customization.

Claudio SanòThe portal MadeinItalyfor.me makes available, on-line, many tools to evaluate the offers received, among these: the workshop of the craftsman who tells the story and shows the work, the comments of other users who have already bought from this craftsman, the price and the time to accomplish it in relation to other offers.

MadeinItalyfor.me reminds everyone that the artisans are artists and that the value of the artefacts is linked to the name and to the hand of who create them, making them unique items though apparently similar to others.

Methods of tailored purchase 1

1.) Select the reference category.
2.) Choose the craftsman most suitable to your project, in the Artisans page.
3.) In the favourite workshop web site, at the bottom right, you will find the contact to the craftsman.
4.) Write him an e-mail, short and clear on your project.
5.) You will be recontacted to determine time, costs and gather more information.

Methods of tailored purchase 2

1.) Choose among handcrafted products in the eShop the article that interests you most.
2.) Follow the purchasing procedure.
3.) Enter into the space “Notes” the kind of customization required.
4.) Order but doesn’t make payment immediately.
5.) You will be recontacted and will be defined a new preventive.
6.) Once accepted the preventive, you will be able to purchase the pre-order.

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