The project


informatizzazione The computerization and usage of the internet are by now part of everyday life for millions of people around the world, to which they offer a variety of services and comfort once unimaginable or too expensive. Even in Italy as in other countries, the advent of these technologies has revolutionized and improved the lives of many people of all ages, in services, information, entertainment and work. Even the Public Administrations have found it more efficient and resource and time saving, providing albeit slowly, to update it selves.

If in many countries like USA, England or Germany, for years Internet is one of the commercial channels for excellence, in Italy, we have always differentiated by a strong tendency to maintain those practices and everyday life in which we are unlikely to give up and so we are still very linked to traditional channels.

At the same time, we are all well aware of the importance of the online market and the opportunities it can offer to any activity, business or not.

Is here, in this transitional phase, from workshops to e-commerce, that the project is located, seeking to favor Italian craftsmanship and in particular the local and small visibility one, with the use of technological mean used to its fullest potential and the most innovative marketing and web marketing techniques.

The situation

Online purchases, in our country, stand out for a particular attention to savings, quality and security of data, favoring big brands and wide range of choices. Users who purchase online are, in greater proportion, experienced and demanding, veterans of Internet services.

In the rest of the countries, buying online is extended to more types of users, the reference category of the market, for us, is made ​​in Italy, of which the project aspires to be one of the most representative portals in the handicraft sector.

The use of multiple languages​​, primarily English, will facilitate the use of the platform to foreign users.

These will be introduced gradually and carefully to the language of destination more than the mere translation.

The great boom of e-commerce in Italy, for now, has paradoxically snubbed the foreign market.

Even today, it is easier, for foreign people who are not in Italy, buy made in Italy by not-Italian internet portals that don’t offer any guarantee about the real workmanship and origin of the objects but they can express in the language of the user, reassuring and encouraging him to purchase.

paesi presenti sul mercato on-line who began its path in Italian only, today it is already in English and will soon be accessible in many languages ​​like Russian, Chinese, Japanese …

The time will be used to improve the site and translate texts from people who will know how to use the language more near and understandable to foreign users, making feel them less distant and more confident in purchasing.

Will also be initiated the complementary sections that the project includes and involving territory, tourism and events. The aim is to offer a complete service, without business risk which can be of support to the artisans in many aspects involving these wonderful activities, supporting the artisan from the preparation of content to their on-line and off-line promotion.


Italy with its traditions, its history and its characteristics, represents an invaluable source of culture and wealth that we have to defend and spread.

The aggregation of Italian craftsmanship category, represents all our oldest and most beautiful traditions and the portal will serve as a new means to spread them in the world through the web. offers a wide range of services to Italian craftsmen but above all it offers a new way to buy handcrafted made in Italy. Without intermediaries, directly from workshops all over Italy to your home, with the possibility to make customized requests, transports at discounted rate, guarantee about eco-sustainability of the materials and made in Italy 100%, making it the only portal of Italian craftsmanship guaranteed in the network. is also concerned to know the typical peculiarities of Italian regions by exploiting the structure of social network and devoting a lot of attention to this issue.

The ambitions of this project, as you can guess, are very large and we have decided to go one step at a time, together with you, hoping to get important goals and your satisfaction.

The first objective is social and promotional.

Be known by Italian artisans and users from around the world, always finding the best channels for advertising and selling abroad, institutionalize our brand and offer, by an efficient and secure service, selected products of Italian quality and value.

The second objective is organizational.

It provides for the opening of the sections Promo-video-Storytelling, Tour-for-Craftmanship. The first, in collaboration with VideoMaker specialized in this specific field, will give the opportunity to artisans to promote them selves through professional texts and video (in more languages) in the form of storytelling, enhancing visibility through specific web marketing campaigns and offer for each spending possibility. The second, are travel packages for tourists offered for sale on our portal which will be implemented in collaboration with voyager and tourist agencies and carrying foreign and not, for typical places, craft shops, local restaurants, the farm made ​​in Italy; valuing the land and our riches. Last aspect, the Show/Market itinerant.

The third objective is instead tied to off-line activities.

It will be made ​​a Show/Market itinerant and various events and collaborations that will lead off-line, in the historic centers of Italian cities, the artisans and those who will want to register as outside participant. It will exhibit the best of Italian excellence craftsmanship, from the most typical and traditional artistic crafts, to the most rare forms and endangered, like the Sicilian bobbin or the lace of Orvieto.