RobertaGold, the passion shine like a precious jewel

Behind the shadows of natural stones and the gold and silver tinkling, there is the creativity and the hand of a woman, Roberta Pavone, born 1979, who was still very young when her future came clear to her mind. A determination that made her dream come true in 2004, when she opened her own jewelry shop: RobertaGold.


Roberta is a jeweler that designs her own creations, and she manually build them using different techniques, with a passion nourished since she was little and still today, fortunately, does not stop. Still, every time she strolls through the city streets, she is the first to “stick” to all the windows that sparkle… With clear ideas then, she looks to the world of goldsmith’s art already from early studies, choosing to attend State Art Institute, with the address of’ “metalworking and goldsmithing” and becoming an apprentice even before the end of the school, to make the first experiences.

In 2004, finally, she opened her first showroom-workshop in Pescara, to give vent to all her creativity and to accomplish her beautiful creations. To date, the lab is the place where she has been researching shapes and materials, every day for 13 years, with the same passion. Here she executes her works exclusively by hand, making each piece unique and inimitable.

Every product is the result of thoughts and emotions that become jewels, witnesses of ideas that get real. Even the choice of materials and stones is mostly done through the emotional transport they infuse to Roberta, so as she says: “They are choosing me.”

orecchini anemone

Roberta finds an unimpressive boost for her work in the many accolades she receives every year in all the foreign fairs, art collections and industry competitions she is participating in; among the most important:

In 2011 she participated at “National Art Nouveau Biennale Nicola da Guardiagrele”, an exhibition of artistic crafts from Abruzzo, which is one of the longest events in the goldsmith scene with 47 editions. Nicola da Guardiagrele was a 15th century goldsmith master.

From May 24 to June 5, 2013 she participated at “Gioielloinarte”, held at the University and Nobil College of Orefici S. Eligio in Rome, the pictorial preciousness of Gustav Klimt was the main theme of the competition, and all the artists had to be inspired by Klimt for their Contemporary works.

In 2013 he participated at “Jewelery in fermento” (14-23 November Rossini Gallery – Mlano) where she presented the “Papille deliziate” ring:


In 2015 she participated at “Dialoghi”, a project that was born from the collaboration between the Italian AGC (Association of Contemporary Jewel), of which Roberta is a partner, and the Japanese JJDA (Japan Jewelery Designer Association). Thirty Italian artisans and thirty Japanese artisans were selected for the project, and once created couples (Italy / Japan), each of them had to share with the artist he / she associated 3 representative objects / works / photos to create inspiration  for the other artist to create a contemporary jewel that will create so a dialogue between the two worlds.

Roberta Pavone was paired with Japanese hornbeam Nobuko Nishiwaki. Our goldsmith chose Master Franco Summa (from whom she is fascinated since childhood) with his works “Maidens of Abruzzo (in the center of the bride)”, “Sun Prayer” and “Sing Life”, while Nobuko Nishiwaki has chosen “Torii”, a door to the sanctuary built on the sea, “Sekitei”, a small and very particular zen garden and “Kabuki” traditional mask of Japanese theater.

The project then turned around several cities in Japan and also several cities in Italy.

Roberta Pavone creazioni dialoghi
From April 21st to 25th 2016 and from May 6th to 7th 2017, “Il Circolo degli Orafi” was held in Pescara, an event of which Roberta is the creator: it is an exhibition of goldsmith craft where goldsmith masters not only exhibited accurate selection of their masterpieces, but also held open seminars and workshops for everyone with the desire to bring the audience closer to the processing techniques and the most fascinating topics of their craft. Roberta also presented her creations during the days, here is a photo of this year’s edition:

il circolo degli orafi 2017

The last, in order of time, is “Nature Pretiosa”, a journey in the Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean Province of Livorno that has paid homage to the contemporary jewel. The jewels were exhibited from June 21 to June 25 on the dresses presented by the Milchstrasse boutique, which made them sponsor. Roberta presented “Jungle Mechanical 2.0″, a jewel that speaks of metal braided to natural elements, a synthesis of our days and what surrounds us.

natura pretiosa
Currently, Roberta is working on a line of jewelry completely inspired by nature

[Quote style = “boxed”] Every day is an emotion, every creation is a fairy tale, it is an explosion of creativity and passion that fuses frenzied and then realizes in order and concretizes in a unique jewel.

That’s what Roberta says of her work. Young, passionate and with that glitter in the eyes that is not just the reflection of precious stones, but the love that shined, shines and continues to shine for what she does.


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