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The crib of the 3rd millennium welcomes the “technological” craftsman, witness of an evolving category

A new character for the cribs of the 3rd millennium, the Artisan who uses technology to carry out his work, testifying that the Artisan while respecting a slow lifestyle rooted in traditions, continues to evolve together with society, just as it has always been ..

With the initiative promoted by the Fondazione Symbola, Confartigianato e Coldiretti as part of the Manifesto di Assisi, this year the traditional nativity scene is enriched with a new character: the figurine for 2021 is the entrepreneur who uses technology, to highlight the role of the company that faces new challenges for the economic and social growth of the country; symbol of the entrepreneur who has faced the difficulties of the pandemic by continuing to guarantee services and products to citizens, despite limitations and lockdowns.

riso artigiano tecno_n

Made of papier-mâché by the Lecce master craftsman Claudio Riso, it is the emblem of men and women of good will committed, with their companies, to building a new future, under the banner of innovation and sustainability.

Click here to see deliveries in Prato and Crotone

(photo below) The image of the delivery of the new character to Bishop Giovanni Nerbini, by a delegation of Confartigianato Imprese Prato with the managers Armando Giagnoni and Romano Mati, accompanied by the general secretary Marco Pieragnoli and of Coldiretti Firenze-Prato with the director Barbara Battistello and the area manager Simon Querci.


(photo below) A delegation from the provincial section of Confartigianato Imprese, led by President Francesco Pellegrini, met the bishop of Crotone, Monsignor Angelo Panzetta on Friday 17 December to give him a papier-mâché statue depicting a craftsman. The gift is part of a national initiative “The future of the nativity scene, tradition, innovation and sustainability” that Confartigianato Imprese Nazionale, with the Symbola Foundation and Coldiretti, has reserved for various dioceses of Italy with the aim of enhancing craftsmanship and tradition of the crib.

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An initiative carried out throughout the country, to enhance the tradition of the nativity scene that transmits hope and serenity even in the difficult moments we are going through.

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