Leonardo Landolfo, the goldsmith of “Abruzzi”

Leonardo, born in 1966, has an enviable school & work carrier: graduated from the Art Institute of Chieti, Master in art of metals, member of the “Associazione Alento” board, president of “Consorzio di Via Confrancabilla”, founder of the laboratory ” Arte Orafa Semantica “, President of Conferescenti, artisan certified by the province of Chieti with the” Trademark of belonging “, Premio Cittaslow, Arrosticino d’Oro and the list does not end here!

This craftsman is also official supplier of various religious museums scattered throughout the Italian territory. These important collaborations started in 2013 with the Museo della Cattedrale di San Rufino of Assisi. The skills of this craftman led him, in 2015, to become one of the official suppliers of the Vatican Museums and, from this year, he is also an official suppliers of Duomo di Siena museum and of the Cattedrale di Spoleto one.

Leonardo in 1988, in his early twenties, opened his business and became one of the most important points of artistic creation of the city. His laboratory is located in his hometown, Francavilla al Mare , the center of Abruzzo craftsmanship.

In addition to being a pillar of the community, Leonardo has always helped his “colleagues” to keep up-to-date on the latest innovations in both the innovative and administrative areas. In fact, all Leonardo’s creations are easily identifiable thanks to the regional identification mark CH40.


This craftsman moves with mastery between the traditional style and the modern one, because he believes that both possess the scent of freshness and portability; together they can give life to an “evergreen” style, suitable for every occasion, regardless of the fashion in progress.


Leonardo mainly works with Sterling silver, sometimes reviving it with colored enamels and resins. His most famous line is the one that reproduces in a meticulous manner the rosettes of various Italian churches, including the one from the now disappeared Chiesa di Sant’Agostino of Amatrice . To commemorate this demise rosette Leonardo has created, in collaboration and with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Amatrice , a limited edition pendant of 1,000 numbered copies.

For every piece sold Leonardo donates 50 euros to Amatrice for the reconstruction of the church of Sant’Agostino; to confirm the donation each piece is numbered and send together with the bill of the donation.


Leonardo, in his collection, have also earrings, rings, bracelets, key rings and much more. In particular the Pendent Earrings with the rosette of the Basilica del Volto Santo are among our favorites. Thanks to their complex design they are able to show very well the mastery of this craftsman.


Also, if you want carry an Italian rosette with you can look at the highly customizable Bracelets with String. These bracelets can tie to your wrist, in a variety of five colored laces (from red, to black, to lemon yellow), any small rosette made by Leonardo: from the Basilicata di San Francesco di Assisi , to the Basilicata di Collemaggio , or the Duomo di Spoleto one, etc …

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