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MG_8290Metal Processing in the region of Marche has always aimed at the production of tools for professional or domestic use. Shops of blacksmiths are found in every country, they are strictly related to the need of building everyday objects. Blacksmiths, used to shape the iron for diverse needs, have acquired considerable technical skills that – together with great creative capacity – result in high quality productions, especially in the field of artistic wrought iron. Wrought iron craftsmen operate in Fermo, Ascoli Piceno, Caldarola, Camerino, Fabriano, Ancona, Urbino.

Endowed with great imagination, they are inspired by various historical and traditional styles and motifs, sometimes closer to the aristocratic and bourgeois culture, some other times definitely immersed in popular culture. These artisans, or rather artists, leave to their countries an inheritance of gates and railings, rings of wells, picturesque signs of inns and taverns, roosters and flags vane, rostra for lunettes of important portals.

Just in the inland of Macerata, more precisely in Caldirola, there is still a workshop where they work iron since seven generations, and the eighth one, with great satisfaction of the owner, will continue this tradition.

Art processing of wrought iron

The company Cardinali ArtigianFerro, in fact, makes artistic creations of wrought iron, copper, bronze and, in some cases, stainless steel. Brawn and brain of the company is Paolo, the householder, that thanks to his talent and his imagination creates high quality products. Besides this, they also realize projects created and designed by external architects who rely on them for production.

gazebo-ferro  Cancello

During all these years their own creations, real works of art as well as unique pieces, found space and approval in several trade exhibitions and are important furniture accessories in the best private villas in Italy.


Iron is the most abundant metal on Earth (it constitutes the 34.6% of the mass of our planet) and it is the fourth most abundant element in the universe. The concentration of iron in the various layers of the Earth varies with depth: it’s maximum in the core, which is probably formed by an alloy of iron and nickel, and decreases to 4.75% in the crust. Its symbol Fe is an abbreviation of the word ferrum, the Latin name of the metal.

Iron is a metal extracted from ores; this means that there is no pure iron in nature. To extract iron from its ores, where you can find it in the oxidized state, it is necessary to remove impurities by chemical reduction. The iron is typically used to produce steel, which is an alloy based on iron, carbon and other elements.


The nucleus of the atom of iron has the highest binding energy per nucleon, so it is the heaviest element that can be produced by nuclear fusion of lighter atomic nuclei, and the lightest that you can get for fission: when a star exhausts all the other light nuclei and comes to be composed largely of iron, the reaction of nuclear fusion in its core stops, causing the star to collapse on itself and give rise to a supernova.

Their production is various and ranges from the realization of various types of home accessories such as candlesticks, curtain holders, handrails, gazebos, gates, to works and artistic structures of various sizes. Cardinali ArtigianFerro performs many jobs for the private client like the entrepreneur who wants a specific object, as well as commissioned by professional firms of architecture and furnishings.


Their main markets, in addition to the Italian one, are the American, the Russian and the Japanese ones, where their production is much appreciated for the creativity and the clean lines, as well as the built quality. Just because of all these factors, the overseas market is booming and at Cardinali ArtigianFerro, in the near future, they are planning to consolidate even more this commercial policy.

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