The creative nature of Gabriele Pici, artist of pietra leccese

“Draw inspiration from nature and its rich events” – his credo


Gabriele Pici – a young Doc Salento, deeply bound to the traditional craftsmanship of his place, becomes an artist almost by accident. Besides, as a young boy there were no signs of passion for stonework or a previous approach to this art in order to make him turn to this direction. He did not attend schools or art academies, but, thanks to Renzo Buttazzo, his master and internationally renowned sculptor and his workshop “Petre”, Pici learns quickly the challenge of hammer and chisel.

So, in 2000 he would meet the “Pietra Leccese” and would become fascinated by its features. So much, in fact, that he would choose it as the basis for his future works. Since then, this love for sculpture has been growing more and more, until it became a profession. Hence, Gabriel Pici opened his workshop where he creates sculptures with “Pietra Leccese”, lamps and furniture of sinuous and attractive forms. Thanks to this he becomes a compelling representative artisan of Salento, especially of sculptural artisanship.Did you mean: è così che, nel 2000, incontrerà la pietra leccese e rimarrà affascinato dalle sue caratteristiche, tanto da eleggerla come base per le sue opere. Da allora questo amore per la scultura è crescuto sempre di più, fino a diventare una “professione”. Così Gabriele Pici ha aperto il suo laboratorio di pietra leccese dove realizza le proprie sculture, lampade e complementi d’arredo, dalle forme sinuose e coinvolgenti. Per merito di quest’ultime diventa degno rappresentante dell’artigianato salentino e in particolare della scultura.

The porosity and the ductility of this limestone enchanted him to the point that he could not help but release unique shapes from the sinuous block inert; forms that translate into matter my own imagination. Every blow that the artist inflicts on the piece does not betray any hesitation. The safety and decisiveness in the act of creation gives life to a heroic gesture aimed at bringing out an already existing masterpiece, but which is still trapped in a piece of ivory stone. Indeed, he doesn’t sketch his ideas on paper; he does not create in advance the sketches on which to correct or deduce, he rather challenges the stone-block relying only on his hands and by only sensing what will finally turn into an extraordinary sculpture.

The “Pietra Leccese”, or “Stone of Lecce” for him is a means of emulation; a possibility of creating a second nature, one that reflects the way the real nature is felt and experienced. Gabriele Pici is inspired from nature and its rich manifestations, such as trees, rocks and fossils.


Gabriele Pici was inspired by nature and its rich events such as trees, rocks and fossils.

Except from sculpture, his artistic repertoire is represented by original creations for the furnishing of interiors, as lamps, sconces, tables and chairs that through games of soft lighting are warm and cozy, both classic and modern. In his laboratory Gabriele is also very dedicated to the production of elegant wedding presents, accessories and props; great ideas for gifts or simply furnishings, designed for those who like to combine authenticity and tradition.



A craftsman who for his work uses only hands, utensils and chisels rejecting the aid of machines that would overthrow uniqueness from every work.

The “Pietra Leccese”, or the “Lecce Stone”

It is a typical Salentino limestone known for its malleability, ease of processing and strength which takes on a shade of amber color. Much appreciated in arts, it has reached international esteem thanks to the local crafts that over the centuries have produced the complex baroque architecture of Lecce.


Significant examples are the friezes, capitals, pinnacles and rosettes that decorate many of the palaces and churches of Lecce and Salento. Find out more – read the article on the “Pietra Leccese”. Site:
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