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Emilia and Rosaria, two graduates, not unemployed, with a passion for UpCycling and crafts. Meraky – Made in Italy with soul

Emilia Paolicelli and Rosaria Marraffino, they are respectively a doctor of political science and an astronomer, they are still occupied in their respective careers, they have not let their work commitments stop them. They wanted to put themselves on the line, with great enthusiasm and creativity. They have realized what has long been the passion of both: to create objects with their own hands, especially to give new shape to small objects of various kinds, inventing new uses and new finishes and giving them another life in new forms.

From this idea, in fact, was born a sustainable solution, a model of circular economy that we could compare to the life cycle of a butterfly that goes through various stages: passing from egg, caterpillar, chrysalis … So, the path that a material takes, passing from raw material, to product, to be then transformed, again, in the raw material for a new beautiful and different object.

In 2017, in Bologna, Emilia and Rosaria founded Meraky, a new way of understanding the accessory that combines ethics and aesthetics. Meraky aims to create high quality fashion accessories with creativity, passion and craftsmanship, starting from unusual materials. The name comes from a free interpretation of the Greek verb “meraki” which means to do something with passion, creativity and soul.

A brand that therefore sinks its foundations on values linked to respect for work ethics and the environment. This is made possible also thanks to the choice of the reuse of materials that represents the starting point of the creative process. Working with the hands and using artisan techniques, means combining mind and heart to reach the deepest soul of things …

Meraky was born as a brand aimed at the production of women’s handbags but, for its philosophy of becoming, it defines itself more properly as a producer of the soul of things. Definition that summarizes the philosophy of the brand with the pay off: “Made in Italy with soul” that represents the process of becoming things, the love for the quality of life that materializes in everyday products.

A brand aimed at a target of people who care about the environment that does not give up style and craftsmanship as an intrinsic value of Italian culture. A feminine idea, a project that creates unique pieces with handmade techniques starting from non-recyclable materials. An activity that over the years has become more and more intense, with which the two craftsmen-transformists have experimented, improved, and finished techniques and processes, establishing themselves in the artisan world with a collection first of bijoux and then of fashion accessories.

Starting from the change of state that distinguishes the brand in the transformation of a material destined for pulping into a refined product. The semiotic identity finds its synthesis in the image of the butterfly.  From an egg, passing through the caterpillar, reaching the chrysalis until it becomes a butterfly, it is the path that a material takes before being a Meraky product.

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It is therefore easy to imagine the positive repercussions that such a method can have on fashion, the second most polluting industry in the world. Thanks to Upcycling, Emilia and Rosaria have created their Aroma Collection, the first collection, believing in positive repercussions.

The transformation techniques used by Meraky, in fact, belong to a particular type of material recovery. Unlike recycling (recycling) which reuses garments and objects more or less as they are; Meraky’s project elaborates, readapts and offers new uses to a garment, an accessory bringing it back to being the raw material of a new product and giving it a new value, with an irresistible charm and uniqueness.


The reinterpretation is by its very nature exclusive and personal, the result of a synergy between contemporaneity and the past. Upcycling is therefore aesthetic, yes, but also substance: a “cerebral” charm that satisfies the aspiration for a sustainable lifestyle and gives the luxurious experience of owning something different from all the others.

Meraky accessories not only save “trash” from the landfill, but also have the ability to change the perspective of an outsider viewer. “When they ask us what material our bags are made of, we answer with a question and ask them to guess,” says Emilia Paolicelli. “It is reductive to say that people are stunned when we answer that the ‘fabric’ is nothing more than the packaging of the coffee!


Meraky is part of the design accessories market for handcrafted products characterized by the use of recycled materials. Meraky’s target clientele is represented by women, mainly between the ages of 25 and 45, who prefer fashionable style. The focus is on women with a good cultural background and a strong personality, digital oriented, always informed and attentive to the new. Oriented towards brands and products as an expression of her identity and lifestyle. Meraky has created its own value proposition looking at a target that covers professions in the creative, humanistic and artistic fields.

Aroma Collection by Meraky

In the beginning there were thirteen models, but there are still four of them, because attention to detail and attention to finishing take time. Four models for the first collection Meraky, a young brand of accessories with a particular attention to the environment; four models of bags made by recycling coffee bags from bars. “Each bag is unique, with the same bags you can make different weaves.” The choice is left to those who make the accessory from time to time.

The logo is a butterfly, symbol of transformation. We both have a passion for the recovery of small objects and furnishing accessories. “We try, through creativity, to invent new uses and give life to these objects”.





A well-balanced fit between usability, quality and design, for a comfortable, durable bag that won’t go unnoticed.


Aroma Collection by Meraky can be found on Shop, with more information on the brand and a guaranteed home delivery service.

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