Embawo – The most sublime crafts vs an innovative Design

unco-embawoNorbert Oettl is a young man who, thanks to his eclectic artistic inspiration has created the brand Embawo. He is born in Merano and grew up in a valley nearby, and almost by accident became a carpenter.

Raised in a family with no major financial resources, but with a great sense for work, as a kid he wanted to learn how to “trade” in order to help out his family. He completed the studies and traineeship to become a carpenter and then the passion for this job has since blossomed.

His character led him to overdo it, to be good at what he does. Immediately he understood that wood is a living material and of great charm, a source of inspiration for those who love the shapes and design like him.


Fashion has always been his other great passion, but he became a model by accident, and he grabbed this opportunity and used it properly. Over the years he was a model for large international fashion houses.


His career as a model ended then with the birth of his daughter. He did not want to travel around for the world for long periods of time, but rather spend more time with her. With this in mind, he began to think about his future, and leafing through fashion magazines noted that several designers created their products using a material very much known to him. From there came the ideas to design handbags.

The creations of Norbert are among the most inspirational craftsmanship-works of the most innovative and avant-garde design of the Made-in-Italy. No matter the season, the bag is always a must, and people more and more want to possess a unique, whimsical, and  “strong character” bag. The brand is currently developing three lines: Easy, Chic, Luxury, specifically designed to meet each client’s different needs. The creations include different models, for women as well as unisex, available in different types of wood and leather.

Embawo bags are particularly light, contrary to what may seem at first glance. Depending on the model the bags weigh between 400 and 600 grams, thanks to the 3 mm thick veneer of the wood. Embawo bags are objects of pure design created by Italian craftsmen in Italy. Wood is a design element of natural origin, not only beautiful and modern but also communicative. These characteristics make the wood an attractive material for everyday or special circumstances. The beauty of the material is timeless.


The curves of the female models were born from the union of plywood layers, thus creating particular and refined bends. The longevity of the bags is ensured by a special lacquer or oil or wax coating, which allows the bag to stand up to scratches and to water spots.

A brand that combines in a single product respect for the environment, uniqueness and much, much class!


Embawo chose to use mainly local wood, not only to comply with the tropical environment, but especially for its uniqueness. The European wood including that of walnut, olive, apple, offer a multitude of shades and veining of different shades, a combination of warmth and color that makes each bag distinctive and absolutely unique! Accessories on request can be made with wood from Africa such as: wenge, zebrano or rosewood, so as to enrich with a particular and exotic touch.


The origin of the choice of the name “”Embawo is, also in this case, totally random. Norbert was speaking of his business project with a friend of hers who works at the International Organization for Migration and had just returned from a mission in Uganda. He told her that in that language wood is called “embawo”.


She immediately liked it for its soft and light sound that reflected on her the way to work with wood and to create her flexible and light bags.

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