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Marco Della Pietra is a veteran artisan with decades of experience in the field. Twenty years ago, in the far 1999, at the end of the century, he founded his company: DP EMMME, a family company since its debut.

DP EMME is a medium-level metalworking workshop specialized in constructing stainless steel, aluminum, iron and brass objects; turning these metals into furniture components and much more.

This craftsman has gone through different phases and is able to work with natural and traditional technique, and with the most advanced tools available.


Marco is a master of CAD (a 2D and 3D design software), this allows him to virtually design a piece to the smallest detail, before entering data into the machine.

Among the many advantages of this technique there is the being able to show a simulation to the customer, even before engraving a single plate, so the customer can get an idea of the finished product.


DP EMME has a shocking machine park at its disposal, we will not write the list of machinery but we will give you a list of the type of work this veteran can do for you: deformation and removal of the material, welding, micro-peening finish with ceramic balls, satin finishing, sandblasting, mirror polishing, etc…

In this chase, regarding our usual selection of products, we decided to choose the vases made by Marco. Obviously this carpenter builds so much more but our space is limited and we had to make a choice. The vases seemed to us the best way to show the infinite possibilities of this craftsman: they have different sizes and shapes, as well as different materials.


First of all there is the Skyline series. The vases Skyline are inspired by the profile of the skyscrapers of the big cities. Skyline vases are made in medium-thick plate cut by laser, folded and welded in order to be resistant while maintaining a light line.

The base material is the result of the first hot-roll lamination so will keep the black-blue color (magnet style) forever. The finish is 100% natural, made with a blend of natural essences and beeswax.

The Tulip series its divide in two category: the tall on and the shor one.


Tulip are waxed iron table vases inspired, as the name implies, to the profile of the tulips with particular attention to its large petals. The sheet used is the same type of Skyline so is resistant without forget the sinuously.

Also the final product is treated with the special natural mixture, buffered and then polished with a soft cloth to protect the object as well as giving it a light fragrance.

The tall ones are very similar to the low one, but obviously more tall (up to 76 centimeters). Besides that the material it’s Corten steel instead of train sheet.

Corten is nothing more than an abbreviation for CORrosion resistence and TENsile strength. The characteristics of this “already rusty” steel make it perfect for uses that require resistance and little maintenance because the “rust color” is already present and will not change over the years.


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