AV Metal, the textile art of Sarule engraved in iron

AV Metal is a company founded in 2009 in the picturesque Sarule, a location famous for its carnival, the weaving tradition and its attested Nuragic origin (an ancient civilization of Sardinia).

Founded and still managed by the Villa brothers: Alessio and Antonello. Their specialization, refined after years of experience, is the processing of metals both in traditional and modern way.


Using wrought iron as a base they are able to build almost anything. In their hearts pulse the tradition of their country. Because of it is easy to see the influences of the Sardinian tradition in everything they do.

The two brothers design each piece from the beginning: draw it on paper and then go to choose the most suitable metal (copper, stainless steel and brass usually), heat it and work it until they get the desired shape and then finish it by hand.


Their catalog is very varied: artistic objects, furnishing accessories, window frames, architectural elements, etc… Their products are perfect for embellishing environments, both external and internal, as well as being functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As always, the following is just a selection of products that this duo creates, in the frame of the Sardinian pastures. You can keep up to date and see the rest of the products simply by clicking on our store.


Tris Vase, they are a trio of steel vases engraved and decorated by hand with traditional motifs that reflect the iconography of the famous textile art of Sarule. We have the Sa Ciai (the key), S’Essere (the being) and Sa Rosa (the rose). Each vase have different size and inclination.

You can buy them individually, depending on your needs / space problems. Our advice, however, is to buy the trio because they’re are designed to be compose in such configurations. Also it is cheaper, because with the trio one of the vases is practically free.

Sa Rosa is the lil’ one (25x15cm), S’Essere is the middle brother (35x20cm) and Sa Ciai is the big one (40x25cm).


Star Tray it is an object with a particular shape and pattern. It is a steel tray in shape of a star and inclined to retain its contents at best. The decorative motif, also handmade, is inspired by that created by the artist designer Eugenio Tavolara for the weavers of Sarule, a historic moment for this small town.


Ox, a decorative object in steel, part of a series that portrays various typical animals of the island decorated with the typical motifs of the textile art of Sarule. As was foreseeable, the “Ox” portrays the textile modules of the ox and is decorated with engravings inspired by those designed by Eugenio Tavolara.

Eugenio Tavolara, around the mid-fifties, gathered a group of women from Sarule to start the production of carpets that honor to the local tradition in a modern way. This reactivated the local economy.


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