Carbone Furniture – Tailoring and crafting for four generations

“The passion comes from the teaching that my father gave me” – Maurizio Carbone

The company Arredamenti Carbone (“Carbone Furniture” in Italian) began its activity as a company of craftsmanship dealing with upholstery and furniture. Founded in 1995 in Chiavari near Genoa, in few years it took shape and specialized mainly in furniture and upholstery of shipbuilding, reaching a very high level, important goals and commitments, working with the most important Italian shipyards.


This ancient art has been handed down for four generations. Since 1928 the laboratory of the Carbone family produces furnishings, fabrics and leather, manufactured strictly according to craftsmanship methods handed down from father to son. An important experience gained in the field, thanks to the many important projects from which benefits even the boating industry: be it on board of small open-boats or on boards of bigger size boats, one can recognize the sofas, armchairs, couches, curtains, bedspreads, pillows and various coatings where the care and craftsmanship that have always accompanied the name of furniture Carbone, make the difference.


The main partners of the company are the most important shipyards of the Italian market, for which Carboni Furniture produces unique pieces; tailored and customized to the smallest detail as requested in the drawings of architects or owners. In the laboratory of Salvatore Carbone and his children there is no mass production – each artifact is different from the other; they have their own life and story, so that each is identified by a name that is inspired by boats that have shaped the history of sailing. Here, the artistry and craftsmanship is coupled with the professional and business community, that together with determination and passion that distinguish the work of Salvatore Carbone and his sons, make this historic laboratory one of the major players in the field of marine upholstery.

Main projects and collaborations

Main projects and collaborations

Carbone Furniture “dresses” some of the most important boats of the Italian nautical market with unique artifacts, produced with special care and fine craftsmanship customized down to the smallest detail. The most important construction sites with which they have worked are:

  • “Rizzardi Ostia” Construction Site
  •  “Posillipo Fiumicino” Construction Site
  •  “Diano Riva Trigoso” Construction Site
  •  “Castagnola Lavagna” Construction Site
  •  “Morgan Ostia” Construction Site
  •  “Canados Fiumicino” Construction Site
  •  “Santa Margherita” (Diano) Construction Site
  •  “Austin Parker Rosignano Marina” Construction Site

For them, inspiration is not programmable – once thought about an object, that most of the time must have a special design, pass immediately to the development of the frame, to the coating, to the assembly and finally to the fastener; all it is done very quickly and quite naturally but, of course, made entirely by hand and using traditional techniques.

Over the years, also because of a crisis in the shipbuilding market and the experience gained in the customized production, they have focused their attention and the production to provide and implement any request from the end user: from shell-shaped sofas to sofas for the exterior design of the fly bridge, a design of the owner Mr. Ikea. A series of products, most of the time on demand, which are eccentric, with a more particular and required design, suitable for unique on-board living rooms, or inside a mountain chalet, and very suitable in commercial spaces, with projects related to the theme of the activity.

A much requested type of product by the fans of the industry are their special armchairs, handcrafted with specialized artisanship methods that invite the customer to a “peace of mind” state, through the precise and meticulous execution, as well as with on-time delivery.


Finally, their products catalog includes: electric and simple blinds, bed headboards, bedspreads, various cushions, standard and tailored couches according to customer requirements, ceilings in leather or fabric, dashboards lining, complete exteriors with custom-shaped cushions, loungers, sunshades and canopies. Particular care is also transmitted in creating custom leather interiors for cars as well as in restoration, in collaboration with specialized companies which take care of the Boiserie board woodwork.


Despite this period of general crisis, their products are in demand in the Italian and international market. Indeed, in some respects, it is the second which is the most flourishing, especially regarding all those design objects that as a matter of price, but also as a matter of positioning, are used from shops or other commercial activities to awaken the curiosity of a passerby or customer. Site:
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