Apulia Design, innovation and tradition all in one

The history of Apulia Desing had deep and firm root like the one of an old oak anchor at its ground.

Vitantonio Coletta

Vitantonio Coletta is a young apulian designer. In his childhood he play more with the wood shaving than the hot wheels because he spent his summers with the granfather a traditional carpenter. There Vitantonio grow found in all the characteristic of the wood like color and property. There he find out that, like in a marriage, if you want work well with wood you need to be compliant and give it some credit and not argue with it too much at least time to time.

So he dedicated all his years of study to become a “tecnologo del legno” (a wood expert).  For that he had to leave his beloved city and go at the illustrious University of Padua, because he want to be sure to know any secret of the wood. Apulia Design is born from his dream and ideas but is not a lone wolf project, is the project of a very harmonious team.


The first member of this team, after Vitantonio, is Franco Iacobazzi a important friend of Vitantonio’s granpa and a great carpenter as he. The next one is Vito Carangelo, a young carpenter and a childhood friend of Vitantonio because the new generation need to prove their value to the old one. Last, but not less important, we have Saverio Fasulo, an architect who love at first sight the project and jump aboard. Therefor, for always do and have high quality products Apulia Design collab with other great artisan high qualified so anyone can do what they do better.

This great team spent his days and night trying new and avant-gard technic, but without forgot the importance of the nature and ambient. They are a very green and attentive to the environment.
Their ideas can be look a little crazy but their product are very heavy-duty and strange form evoke the idea of:

live the Puglia!

All their product are inspired by the traditional culture of the country, in particularly the forgotten one and the medieval one.

For example Small table Octavo:

The form is inspired by Castle del Monte, an important italian castle part of UNESCO since 1996. Like the original the table is an octagon and the support surface is covered in glass place on the durmast legs, all for a great for look and stability. The small table Octavio is perfect for the livingroom and not only.

Or table lamp Trullume:

The triangle is the most steady figure in geometry and hide more than a secret that is why there are structures like the Italian’s Trulli. The lamp is inspired by that, is conic and have a part in tuff. The lamp is result of a very hard handy work because are layer on layer of wood and like the real Trulli some part fell down during the time and from this hole the like, of the lamp, filter sofly. trullume-apulia

The furnish of Apulia Desing are unique, the result of a passionate work by a great time that have no fear to try new road, alas we cannot walk side by side but we can easy see the final result! What are you waiting?

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