APULIA DESIGN – The charm of Puglia lives again in the timber and through his most famous shapes.

Pay homagSenza titolo-3e to one of the most fascinating Italian Regions, rich in tradition and known all over the world. This is the idea behind Apulia Design, a collection of wooden furnishings inspired by the most famous structures related to Puglia: “trulli”, stone buildings pyramid-shaped characteristics of the Itria Valley; the “Dovecote Towers”, facilities for the breeding of pigeons located in the Salento countryside; the “Fortress of Castel del Monte”, a mysterious XIII century building recognizable by its octagonal map.

Vitantonio Coletta is a young boy in love with his native land, with an innate passion for woodworking, handed down by his grandfather, deepened through academic studies and eventually turned into his profession.

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The idea of Vitantonio is now a solid artisan company, grew thanks to the valuable contribution of various Apulian talented designers and experienced cabinet makers, who have proudly embraced the Apulia Design philosophy. These are young people eager to release themselves and the image of their land. Passion and ambition are the best reward for them.

Apulia Design products follow the style of the rural and medieval architecture; their machinings evokes ancient processings, such as the intertwining of olive branches, paper mache and ropes.


In Apulia Design collection it is also included “Ardica”, a centerpiece tray inspired by the old apulian”sfregatoi”, a tool used by women in the past to wash clothes.

The laundress craft is old and it mainly involved the female gender. It was a service hard and not very profitable, benefitting the rich families, for which the laundry was accumulated and washed every fifteen days, while for the working-class one time per month.

The heaviness of the work was offset by the fact that the lavatory was one of the few places where women could meet without being accompanied by men. They find themselves; they chatted exchanging recipes, tips and gossip; they sang nostalgic songs, they handed down life stories; they laughed, fought and reflected on their precarious condition.

Preserving the memory of the laundresses, of their sacrifices and strength, it is an important tribute. Apulia Design has deliberately chosen to offer a modern version of the tool that symbolized the effort and hard work of these women.

Ardica has an oak base and a cup made of “Mazzaro” tufa. The tray grooves are designed by its creator, Roberto Zecca, to place spoons and cutlery.

Ardica - Apulia Design

All Apulia Design creations are made of oak and mostly handmade; they are treated with orange terpene oils, namely natural solvent free of chemical resins, therefore environmentally friendly. The stones inserted to refine products are tufa limestone, extracted and processed in the Apulia Region, which was traditionally used as a building material.

The Apulia Design items are delivered around the world, safely put inside their wooden packaging. The uniqueness of each product is guaranteed by a brand made with iron numbers and the logo imprinted on the package.

Through creativity and innovation, Apulia Design succeeds in unmistakably symbolize a territory famous for its cultural wealth and its artisan tradition, giving to the Region an image that will remain in the heart.

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For aspiring film makers who want to test their abilities or make themselves known, Apulia Design has launched a video contest through which you can become the protagonist of the official Apulia spot. It is not necessary to use professional equipment; the important thing is that the video speak of Puglia, its architecture and landscapes, in no more than two minutes. You can send more than one video. The selection expired on 30 September.

The winner will receive a special prize: one solid wooden cutting board handmade by cabinetmakers of Apulia Design on which there will be imprinted his/her name.

To participate you must register via the online form available on the Apulia Design site. Site:
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