Anna Venchiarutti, the Lombard master of sewing

Anna is a young dressmaker who has always been fascinated by the fashion world, to such an extent that when she was a baby she made clothes for her Barbies with the help of her grandmothers. Infact Anna inherited techniques and secrets from them, since one was a modist and the other a seamstress.


Anna continued her journey as a seamstress almost like as an hobby, it was a way to relax and spend time with her grandmothers and them, day after day, gave her the passion for this art and also the opportunity to learn and understand the risks and the problems of an artisan of the fabric.

After graduation Anna decides that she wants more from this “hobby” and so she continue her studying in this sense: she became a modist, and then work in various textile companies in order to learn all about the a processing of the fabric. Once she becomes confident enough she makes the big leap and creates her personal line of fashion.


Currently Anna realizes paper model, tailored garments and various tailoring repairs for both shops and individuals, without forgetting to create new pieces for her own line original as she is:

we are losing the singularity of each creation, the machines have no creativity and leave out many of the most important aspects hidden behind each new personal creation.

In this article we cannot talk about all the clothes made by Anna (but you can find them on the page dedicated to her in our store ) sp we decided to make a very restrictive thematic selection: light white dresses with floral-themed decorations. Why? Because they are perfect for these warm months and so we can show you how this craftswoman is able to create very varied clothes even with such limit.


Calle Dress is one of Anna’s latest creations. This is a bright white dress with a skirt decorated with a floral pattern in the shape of stylized calla lilies in three-dimensional. Obviously everything is handmade by Anna, so each piece is unique, because there are some small differences due to the complete craftsmanship of each dress ( including all the following < / span>).


Dress with a pointed skirt the base is in shiny white satin, embroidered by hand, that ends in a pointed skirt with a colorful handmade floral theme decoration. To decorate the waistline there is a golden belt made using the crochet technique, like the decoration at the neck and for the shoulder straps.


The last dress, at least for this article, is the jaunty Unbraced Dress . A short dress, as always with a white base, decorated with a stylized crown of flowers made of red and green ribbon. To break the monotony there are also the red shoulder straps and the top in marine style.

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