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Vaccinated with art: eighty between artists and craftsmen of the Sorrento Peninsula, in an online three-dimensional virtual exhibition

An idea that was born without any pretense and absolutely not for profit which wants to be an injection of trust, especially towards many men and women who have had to stop their shops and their craft activities.

The exhibition, which started a few days ago, is enjoying moderate success and already has over 30,000 hits.

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By clicking on the link you will find yourself at the entrance of the villa, where you can access the rooms by clicking on the various doors. All the exhibits can be clicked and enlarged, for a better view of the work, and each one is provided with its own tag that you can view in 3D inside Villa Fiorentino.


A virtual exhibition set up by the Sorrento Foundation using three elements: the rooms of Villa Fiorentino as evidence of the cultural vocation of the structure even when it is not accessible; the artistic energy of Marcello Aversa never tames and even less static in view of that mission to which he has dedicated himself: art and territory, a combination that he tells because it deserves to be told; the application of virtual narration that allows you to access an event while sitting on the sofa, a new way of experiencing art through the professional ability of Salvatore De Stefano.

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We ask web travelers to take a moment of serenity and pleasure with the vision of the exhibition “let’s get vaccinated”.


Scrive Marcello Aversa (Presidente Peninsulart)

What is the point of organizing an exhibition of art and crafts in a time that, at least apparently, makes no sense?

This made me reflect for a long time, before involving my artisan friends in this new challenge.

By contacting them, however, I immediately understood from their reactions, that it would be worth it, perceiving a “sharing” that seemed lost.

Of course it is useless to hide it, this is a challenge that could reveal the sides to some exploitation.

So it is good and right to explain the reason for this virtual event.

“CV 19 Contagiamoci d’Arte” does not want to be anything other than a hymn to hope, a “vaccine” of confidence to face the future.

The whole world has been brought to its knees by an invisible army that has made us helpless, frightened, disheartened, forcing us to a forced cloister, which seems to have taken away the taste of life.

This has also happened to our Earth which until now appeared to us as a happy oasis, far from those social problems, which have never been so far after all.

We are all on our knees, we are all waiting for the “recovery”, there is even someone who hopes for a second “Renaissance”.

We in this rebirth, not only do we want to believe it, but we are ready to donate our contribution.

We artisans, we artists, who already reeled in keeping our shops “alive”, absolutely do not want to step back, indeed with humility, we want, timidly, to anticipate all this, making our presence felt in the area.

We are here with the little courage still left but showing off the passion that still “ignites” us.

We are here, thanks to the precious collaboration and sensitivity of the lawyer Milan, CEO of the Sorrento Foundation, waiting for you a sign, a comment, an incitement, anything that makes us feel alive.

For our part, the promise that we will field the best of ourselves, our minds, our inventiveness, our solidarity but, if necessary, also our arms, so that our Sorrento Land will return to shine as before, indeed, more before”.

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