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That’s Art, the online gallery where you can buy art with just a click

Nowadays’ world is full of emerging artists trying to be noticed by gallery owners and art institutions in order to achieve success in the international art sector. A failure in this highly competitive environment is not strictly linked with a lack of talent or creativity, most of the times luck plays a fundamental role. Young artists are therefore pushed to leave their careers in order to seek a safer job.

Live Painting Cagliari

On the other side, galleries exercise extremely high prices even for emerging art; thus destroying the dreams of young aspirant art collectors, which cannot afford to pay for those prices. As a consequence, art remains a very closed sector which opens its doors only to a narrow and exclusive community.

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A team of young entrepreneurs, who shares a deep passion for art, might have found a solution:


That’s Art is a social marketplace entirely designed for art and art lovers. The platform’s aim is to give to emerging artists the opportunity to promote and sell their works to an international audience, boosting their careers and increase value of their art.

Esposizione VeneziaThat’s Art presents itself like a proper social network: users just need to sign-up (and specify whether they are artists or art buyers/lovers) and they’re ready to discover emerging art’s world.

Once the sign-up is completed, the platform is displayed like a proper online gallery where artists can post their creations, which will be then seen, filtered and eventually bought by worldwide art collectors.

Buying on That’s Art is very easy: users just need to select an artwork and pay, transactions are managed by PayPal and the bought item is delivered directly at the buyer’s home.

That’s Art offers typical social network activities such as follow, like, comments and sharing contents. Moreover, the platform provides its users with a “contest section”, where artists can challenge between themselves and win various appealing prizes; participants are voted from the community.


The platform, which is completely free, is now available both as website (, and as mobile app (App Store e Google Play). This project has already “conquered” many artists and art lovers from all the world, and it has been noticed by some art institutions (e.g. art academies, foundations).


That’s Art founders argue that the platform still has an enormous potential and that the experience on That’s Art will become more and more pleasant and useful. Entering and revolutionize art sector is not an easy practice, but this project seems to have the necessary requirements


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