TARPAC 1950 – Objects of the past to a modern audience

Tarcisio Pacini started his first business in 1953 in Verciano, near Lucca, producing classical furniture. Soon after, however, he realized that the advent of industrialization put at risk all of his work.

Driven by curiosity towards knowledge (characteristic that remained with him throughout his life), he began to rummage in the art and history with extensive researches. Wandering among museums he was fascinated by some Medieval and Renaissance objects, and saw in them all those values that were disappearing, as well as a great treasure to be proposed to a modern and refined audience. He began to draw some pieces and from his mind was born the first Tarpac collection.


Every day that passed, they seem more and more beautiful. Finally he found a type of furniture that, for the exclusive design, the wood used, the accessories and the manual finishings, was going beyond fashion and was gaining more and more value over time.

It was 1960. Now as then, at Tarpac they work the old-fashioned way, and every piece of furniture in their collection is followed by Tarcisio, his son Daniele and the masters Tuscan craftsmen who were able to learn the love and passion towards these timeless artifacts.


With respect for nature and the environment, in perfect contrast with an industrialized market based on disposable products, Tarpac realizes furniture and decors able to age together with man, allowing nature to grow again each trunk she gave him.

In recent years we have witnessed a radical transformation of the furniture market. The birth of companies with large showrooms and great communication skills ensured the success of a kind of product with an innovative design, but made with industrial concepts that are inspired by a philosophy of “disposable”, that is ruining the world and taking away the future to the new generations.

From this observation was born in Tarpac the desire to launch a line of historical yet contemporary products, that uses local raw materials, and a work philosophy that allows the preservation of Tuscan Arts and Crafts like carpenters, carvers, locksmiths and decorators, who are now endangered.


– in 1970 during the first Europremio, delivered in Rome – Palazzo dei Congressi – for the high quality furniture;

– In 1998 delivered by the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca with the prize “Product Quality and Research”; in 1998 he received also the golden medal and honorable mention during the prize “Work, quality and progress”.

– In year 2000 Tarpac furniture has been selected to furnish a wing of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo;

– In year 2001 Tarpac received the international recognition as Best Manufacturer of the furniture for the Wedding Hill “Marriyell” in Hiroshima, Japan (a detail of the realization in the photo below);

– In year 2005 it has been selected to furnish a presidential area in Moscow with exclusive gold-leaf furniture.

The admirable design of Nature

Every piece of furniture of the “Tuscany jewels collection” are built with natural chestnut hardwood. Noble wood, moisture resistant and unassailable by termites. From the majestic trunks fed by the land since ages, they derive the whole planks on which you can read, through the grain, the passage of time and the admirable design of Nature.

They leave the planks outdoors in the lands of Tuscany for a long period of maturation, as it used to be in ancient times, and they use them only when each plank is dried, and has assimilated the warm tones that only the passage of time can give.

Unique works to touch and live


By looking and touching their furniture you get the impression that they are telling us the history. Each piece of furniture is carved and hand finished by skilled craftsmen, according to the art of the ancient Tuscan Shops of the 15th century.

Being guided by the unique grain of each table and using ancient tools, they take off any rough edges and give to each component its typical softness. Accessories, shoeings and nails are beaten and hand-forged by their blacksmiths. They are painted on “creccato” boards with a natural process using patinas, tempera and chalk of Florence. Respecting the material they are working with, to preserve the extraordinary beauty of the wood, each piece is treated by hand with natural oils and waxes. Together with each piece a special “Tarpac” patina is provided, for nourishment and maintenance of the artifact over the years.

Each artifact of “Tuscany jewels collection” is guaranteed by the signature of the designer, creator and founder of Tarpac: Tarcisio Pacini. To underline the attention to detail the brand name is carved by hand on each piece.

Buying a piece of furniture of the “Tuscany jewels collection” means enhancing any environment with real creatures, excellence of Tuscan handicraft. They gave each creature the names of Tuscan characters of the day, related to art and culture of their land: Tuscany.


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