Ostuni, a temporary shop of Italian excellence among the olive trees of Puglia

Ostuni, Puglia, opens the way to a series of temporary shop dedicated to Italian excellence, starting from yarnshandmade‘, first date, Saturday, June 18 from 18 to midnight.


Starting from this opening event, #FATTOAMANO rediscovers the multifaceted old traditions, craftmanship, fashion, agricolture and architecture including.

The location is the extraordinary countryside of Puglia, precisely at Dimora storica Il Trullo La Uascèzz, a seventeenth-century building of trulli and lamie, typical stone houses. Between the fascinating centennial olive trees and the amazing trulli, an unusual temporary storewill be open to the public, where to meet fashion creators, whose products are 100% Made in Italy, from the yarn to the machinery, old looms used for generations.

The main host of the evening is Rione Carducci Moda Italiana, signed by roman based Siena born designer Daniela Gallo Ricci, whose design means timeless sartorial elegance for jet-set women from the Dolce Vita city since 2002.

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Her innovative knit clothings label is exclusively made with Italian precious yarns, manually woven on artisanal looms and machines, to give women a sensorial experience, “which pampers body and soul”

Her creations – sold in the best Italian, European and Asian boutiques – made also their part in theater and cinema (costumes for Serva padrona by Giovan Battista Pergolesi and Aragoste selvatiche by Sabina Guzzanti).

At sunset the sensorial journey with the traditional apulian kitchen taste will be followed up by Aperitivo d’autore, served with prestigious local wines, presented by Associazione Le Donne del Vino.


A celebration of beauty and nature with the enchanting dance in the hundred years-old olive trees of Elisa Barucchieri, founder and artistic director of the international company RexEstensa, will close the night.

More info agriturismo/masseria Il Trullo la Uascezz:

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