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Christmas ideas with MadeInItalyforme

When it comes to Christmas, our imagination always takes us to the colored lightings in the streets and to winter holidays; Someone thinks of a well-deserved break from work and binges with relatives and friends, others look for more religious and spiritual meaning, but no one is exonerated from doing Christmas gifts. So, every year, the question is: which gift should I buy for the people I care?

Hoping to help, here is a selection, for price ranges, of some of the items on sale online to give you some inspiration for a unique, customizable gift and above all 100% made in Italy. To gift a handcrafted object with means to give something crafted with passion, by hand or with simple tools, by Italian artisans, means respecting the environment and traditions and above all means giving something exclusive and durable over time .

There are our tips for you:

Price range: up to 100 €

bastonicavagniniBest proposal: beech wood and pewter sticks made by a company from Brescia: Cavagnini. Among our most popular items, they are a useful and elegant gift that is always appreciated. Made in a wide variety of subjects and tailored.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Baking Pan made of copper sheet and pure tin
  2. Angel in Papier-mache of terracotta and papier-mache
  3. Mini Lamps made of Lecce stone
  4. Diffuser for ambients made by hand in wax, 200 ml or 500 ml
  5. Belt with skull in cowhide and goatskin, skull-shaped buckle
  6. Various plates made of ceramic or glass
  7. Plate/Centerpiece Heart handmade of Maiella stone
  8. Wall Clock made of majolica with floral decoration
  9. Earings Juan made of silver and varous hard stones
  10. Earbuds holder Guffietto made of plexiglass

Price range: 100 – 300 €

Best proposal: Lamp Overlays in Lecce’s stone created with hammer and various types of chisels, rasps and sandpaper. Entirely handmade by Gabriele Pici worthy representative of the Salento craft and of the local stone.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Carlotta bag of wood, leather and canvas, capacious and light
  2. Pasta Drying Rack five or nine frames in birch and SS mesh
  3. Mamuthones masks from Sardegna, of resin, leather and wood
  4. Big tablecloth made by hand in cotton with Nutcracker design
  5. Red stole in merino wool, Kid-Mohair and Angora
  6. Cantinetta made of fir-tree, doable also in other wood types
  7. Coffee service of ceramic, with sugar bowl and tray
  8. Bracelets Istambul Corteccia of olive wood, various models
  9. Cointray Halfmoon/Country of crystal with decorations
  10. Sardinia mirror hand made with copper sheet

Price range: 300 – 500 €

ice-wood-rizzelloBest proposal: Macro bracelets made of burr of centuries-old olive tree, with important gaps filled by transparent bi-component resins and colored pigments that resemble amber characteristics. They are made by Rizzello Scultore, lover of the nature from which it draws inspiration.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Steel Tree with leafs and roots, made of steel wire
  2. Rings Work of art, limited edition, silver 925-2016
  3. Owls Couple handmade and hand-painted with ceramic glazes
  4. Eclipse lamp of clay, freehand modelling
  5. Vase holder Colombaia made of oak wood
  6. Nightstand Cervus suspended, of solid wood
  7. Clock mandala of ceramic, with mandala drawing engraved
  8. Centerpiece raku spiral of ceramic, modeled by hand
  9. Nutcracker of walnut and beech, multi-layer solid handles
  10. Shopper in mutton and calf with interior in warm sheepskin fur

Price range: over 500 €

Best proposal: Small table Scacco made of oak wood. The Designer Vitantonio Coletta, Apulia Design creator, is inspired mainly by his Apulia, as in this example where the 19th-century urban expansion of Bari is recalled.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Ring The Seventh Day of silver 925 and lapis lazuli
  2. Bag Benedetta of wood and leather (various models)
  3. U.F.O. sideboard made using fir boards
  4. Lamp tall Water Snakes of ceramic, handmade on the lathe
  5. Shepherd in papier-mache of terracotta, iron and straw inside
  6. Panel “The harvest” of majolica, hand-painted
  7. Mirror with wood frame in plywood walnut with other inlays
  8. Wall fountain of Maiella Stone with a carved decoration
  9. The Essence of fireclay, freehand modelling
  10. Vase “La spinta delle stelle” made of blown crystal

And did you think about Christmas decorations? Don’t be afraid, we can solve also this problem for you, here is a list of examples of our Christmas items that can embellish your home or maybe can be add to the Christmas gift list for your loved ones.

albero-di-natale-pop-up-microstudioBest proposal: Pop-up Christmas tree is one of the most requested articles, consists of a sheet of brushed steel and laser cut, with a simple gesture, is transformed into a Christmas tree, crated by Microstudio, brand of self-made design,between tradition and new technologies.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Christmas ball with crib – five characters hand-made/painted
  2. Reindeer tray & Eve’s tray of plexiglass
  3. Christmas ball with the Holy Family hand-made/painted
  4. Napkin holder Christmas crib & Nativity of plexiglass
  5. Christmas ball with crib – three characters hand-made/painted
  6. Bigs Christmas balls majolica of majolica, hand-painted
  7. Pop-up Christmas crib a sheet of brushed steel and laser cut
  8. Smalls Christmas balls majolica of majolica, hand-painted
  9. Olive tree with polychrome nativity scene of ceramic
  10. Various Christmas balls handmade and hand-painted

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