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Italian Wedding & Crafts – for an unforgettable event

Wedding is one of the most exciting days of life and organizing it to the best to make it unique is the desire of every couple of future spouses.

In Italy more and more traditions are mixed with new trends and the choice of the style of marriage depends, now, on the subjective taste of the couple. There are those who want a classic wedding, for example, a wedding on the beach with the sea and the horizon in the background.

A unique wedding with elements of Italian craftsmanship

Whatever your stule, a good idea to make your wedding unique is to choose – from wedding rings to wedding favors – italian craft products that can be customized for any type of wedding. From North to South, Italy is full of artisan small shops that make products tailored to different needs. Every object made by hand by a craftsman, in fact, is unique and will make your wedding special.

Let’s discover together how to organize a unique wedding thanks to Italian craftsmanship:

Wedding trousseau

Once upon a time the wedding trousseau was essential for the bride, because it represented her dowry to be presented to new relatives. It consisted of underwear and household linen (sheets, tablecloths and napkins). The preparation of the trousseau took place since she was a child, the women of the family taught the art of handmade embroidery that it was worked on materials such as organza, silk or cotton.

Today, in Italy, the wedding trousseau has lost this value of dowry – only in some families it remains the tradition of preparing it from an early age, for the majority of couples the “trousseau” represents a set of good quality garments,  made by a local craftsman, coordinated with the house where they will live.

The items of clothing included in traditional the wedding list are:

  • For the kitchen: tablecloths for daily use (4 pieces) and for recurrences (2 pieces), cotton and linen cloths; aprons and potholders.
  • For the bathroom: set of large cotton or linen towels, a men’s and a women’s bathrobe;
  • For the bedroom: sheets, bedspread, duvet, mid-season quilt and wool blanket.

Ideas for a unique wedding of Madeinitalyfor.me:

Furnishing fabrics, upholstery, trousseau made by Maria Ricciardulli of Il Gioiello with different lines including curtains, cushions, tablecloths and many other handcrafted products. Each process, in every phase – from the idea to the embroidery – is made by a seamstress that satisfies everyone’s wishes and personalises each garment according to style.

The wedding list

The wedding list in Italy is a tradition in use since the 70s, imported from America. It ‘ s done before sending wedding invitations to relatives and friends, so that they can choose between the items you have selected. In Southern Italy it’s generally made on the occasion of the “Engagment to be married”, while for the wedding relatives and friends give an envelope with a greeting card and a sum of money inside.

When choosing what to insert in the wedding list, you have to consider balancing the objects in different price ranges, so as to allow all the guests to make a wedding gift both appreciated by the spouses and their economic scope. Also in this we want to say: there are no strict rules on what to insert in the wedding list. Today, the spouses, in fact, decide to insert objects that fit their needs, such as furniture items in line with the style of the house.

Ideas for a unique wedding of Madeinitalyfor.me:

Here is an example of what to put on a classic wedding list:

Table and kitchen accessories:
1)  Aperitivo plate made by Punto Soave
2) Champagne bucket made by  Cavagnini

Furnishing accessories:
3) Sicilian Baroque mirror made by Artecornicidesign
4) Nightstand Elisabetta made by Creazione Satodà

– Crockery:
5) Neoclassic Amphora made by Forme sul Cristallo
6) Vase holder Colombaia made by Apulia Design

– Home decor:
7) Green little owl made by La Terra Incantata
8) Ceramic clock mandela made by ArteTuia

– Textile objects:
9) Hand woven towels made by Tessitura a mano
10) Hand woven placemats made by Tessitura a mano

The wedding dress

The choice of the wedding dress brings with it a series of symbols linked to the territory and to the era in which one lives. In history, until the early Middle Ages, the clothes were austere, later – between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries – thanks to the diffusion of the new figure of the tailor, the clothes became the result of the fashions of the time. In the Renaissance, with the development of craft shops, wedding dresses – especially those of the more affluent classes – were characterized by valuable fabrics such as Chinese silk and velvet, and decorated with embroidery and jewels. At the time the red color, symbol of fertility and power, was used for wedding dresses until in 1849 Queen Victoria of England wore a white dress to celebrate her wedding and it was since then that this tradition spread.

Today, for most marriages, brides wear long dresses of white or similar colors, but at the same time the traditional constraints are increasingly blurred: future brides love to feel themselves and wear a dress that respects their personality. This is why a tailor-made suit, taken care of in every detail by expert hands of Italian seamstresses, represents a choice that meets this desire.

Ideas for a unique wedding of Madeinitalyfor.me:

As the designer Rosanna Miano of Miano Alta Moda says “the artisan side is the real luxury, without the craftsmanship the Haute Couture would not even exist”. The choice of fabrics, style of dress and attention to detail requires sensitivity and skill that only a tailoring work can satisfy.

Wedding rings

The exchange of wedding rings is the most solemn moment of the ceremony, both civil and religious. The bridal couple with the exchange of rings promises eternal love and is a mutual exchange of trust and respect

The use of wedding rings for the wedding ceremony has ancient origins, but only from the twelfth the faiths are forged in yellow and the names are engraved with the date of marriage.

There are different models of basic wedding rings:

  • Classic: flat inside and rounded outside in yellow gold;
  • Francesina: similar to the classic but thinner;
  • Mantovana: a wider ring, inside and outside, is flatter than the Classica and the Francescina;
  • Comoda: similar to the traditional but has rounded profiles;
  • Flat:it’s a round ring with a square section with 4 sides: one inside, one outside and two side;
  • Napoletana: It has an incision that allows the ring to open;
  • Incrociata: with three intertwining circles (3 different colors: yellow, white and pink).

Ideas for a unique wedding of Madeinitalyfor.me:

Making the wedding rings unique starting from the basic models or creating them from scratch starting from a design is the dream of each married couple. Vito Gurrado is a jewel artist, able to create micro-sculptures to wear and make every creation unique.

fedi nuziali_vito gurraudo_artigianato italiano

The wedding favors

The wedding favor represents in a marriage the gift that the spouses make to their guests. A tradition imported from the French nobles who used to bring with them boxes with sweets and sugar candies, called “bon bon”. In Italy, the custom spread at the end of the fifteenth century following the marriage of Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples and Elena of Montenegro. Here too, spouses have ample opportunity to choose according to their wishes and also to the message they want to leave as a reminder to the people who celebrated their most beautiful day as an agri-food product or a useful product for the home.

The gift to the Witnesses

While, the wedding witnesses are the most important persons of a marriage because they accompany the spouses in all phases of the organization of the ceremony until the moment of the fateful yes. They are chosen among the most expensive people of the couple and for this the gift to the witnesses, unlike the wedding favors that are all the same for each guest, the gift to the witnesses is of greater value.

Ideas for a unique wedding of Madeinitalyfor.me:

Best proposal: Along the way made by Vito Gurrado is an author  pendent. A unique wearable microsculpture in the world.

Ecco altre idee regalo per testimoni che potrebbero fare al caso vostro:

regalo testimoni_matrimonio unico_madeinitalyfor.me

  1. Steel Drop made by Rizzello Scultore – opening collier in stainless steel and wenge;
  2. Battle carrier Doll made by La Terra Incanta – made in majolica;
  3. Raku centerpiece openwork made by Ceramiche Liberati – made by hand;
  4. Eclipse made by Terrenotrie – lamp in clay;
  5. Bag Benedetta di Embawo- made on wooden shapes;
  6. Delta Sound Machine made by Novaudio – bluetooth player APT-x 24 bit;
  7. Monaco Big di La Pietra di Luca – luminous table sculpture;
  8. Cappello Belle Époque made by La Salomé – made on wooden shapes;
  9. Table Lamp Arlecchino made by  Mauro Veronesi – nice shape to bird’s nest;
  10. Couple of dancers of pizzica made by Arte Sacra di Claudio Riso – inner straw bust and terracotta ends.

Each craft object can be customized and adapted to the needs of your wedding. The strength of Italian craftsmanship is precisely in the ability to marry creativity and know-how to satisfy the desires of every married couple, starting also from a simple design.


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