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Madeinitalyfor.me attends the Amcham Italy Dinner Meeting with Newt Gingrich, to expand our overseas contacts

Next 12 March in Rome Amcham Italy (American Chamber Of Commerce in Italy) is organizing at the Ripetta Residence a Dinner Meeting with Newt Gingrich (former President of the United States House of Representatives) , in order to fostering the development of commercial and economic relations between Italy and the US and we of Madeinitalyfor.me are invited because we could not avoid participating to continue our work as ambassadors of Made in Italy craftsmanship in the world.

Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich was the President of the House of Representatives during the Clinton Presidency. He was the promoter of the Republican revolution in the 1990s, co-author and advocate of the “Contract with America”, a document drawn up by the Republican Party of the United States of America during the 1994 congressional elections. In 2012 he ran for the Republican Party primaries, and was one of the major supporters, as well as political adviser, of President Donald Trump during his election campaign.

His wife, Callista Louise (Cally Lou) Gingrich, has been appointed Ambassador of the United States of America to the Holy See.

The Amcham Italy’s event will be an opportunity to better understand the Trump administration and the impact on transatlantic relations and economic-commercial relations between Italy and the United States.

Amcham exist for development of economic, commercial, political and business relations between Italy and the USA.

k132_nWhy is it so interesting for us at Madeinitalyfor.me to make contacts and create synergies?

Within the USA Chamber of Commerce there is a network of 100 American Chambers of Commerce in 91 countries with over 3 million affiliated companies.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Italy was founded in 1915 with a specific purpose: promote and help economic and cultural relations between the United States and Italy. Is a non-profit, and not a political, organization. For this reason they can guarantee an authoritative and effective support to our Italian artisans and designers

The institutional and business relations has been developed over more than 90 years of business between Italy and the USA, all are precious and hardly replicable asset. Every month Amcham organize events and lunches involving politicians, businessmen and influential academics. There are about 50 events that take place every year and each event is a valuable opportunity to compare, establish useful contacts to your business, interact with CEOs of major companies and with current opinion makers. This approach, typically American, is based on the value of relationships.

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AmCham has excellent government contacts on both sides of the Atlantic. Through the establishment of specialized permanent committees, it is a qualified lobby able to monitor the topics of interest, analyze and elaborate accurate proposals to be submitted to the relevant politician. The committees involve the best professionals and can, on occasion, support specific and targeted requests.

italia-264062For us of Madeinitalyfor.me, collaborate in a direct way with them means having at your disposal specialized advice of different types: legal, tax, marketing and so on.

The guarantee of a structure that has the support of the major Italian and American institutions and the involvement of serious and accredited professionals on the market, contribute to making these consultancy supports of the highest quality. And all of this we can then offer to our artisans and designers registered at Madeinitalyfor.me.

We can give you: Logo Madeinitalyfor.Me2
• Updated information on the economic and commercial incentives offered in the USA.
• Customized consultancy on customs duties, import regulations and licenses.
• Updated information on the various US-Italy migration visas.
• Contacts and synergies useful to our primary objective, to present ourselves to the world as the excellence of Italian know-how.

American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, Via Cesare Cantù, 1, 20123 Milano Italia
Tel.: +39 (02) 86 90 661 Fax: +39 (02) 39 29 67 52 Email: amcham@amcham.it

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