Finalmente online il portale dell’artigianato italiano

Bozza Bottega web

Here we are
We have arrived!

After a thousand ups and downs finally online!

A year of work, analysis, statistics, meetings with artisans and now we are here, ready to change the rules of the Italian artisan trade in the world.

Born in 2011, Artisans WebService by Armando Salerno Mele is the company that conceived and developed the “Bottega artigiana” project today MadeinItalyfor.me with the help of Luca Sinopoli’s MediaBrand.

In this year we have been concerned with developing the software, the internet portal, the communication channels; meeting artisans from all over Italy in the most important trade fairs, sharing their opinions and discussing issues related to craftsmanship. We have thus collected a lot of important information thanks to which, today, we can provide a unique and complete service, forged on the needs of the craftsman, to offer him what he needs to work, make himself known and sell his artifacts.

MadeinItalyfor.me is the new way to buy Italian artisan products, from all regions and from all over the world, with cheap and insured shipments, guaranteeing 100% made in Italy and attention to the environment by the internal artisans.

Users will be able to browse through Italian traditions or tell about them directly through the blog, they will be able to interact with artisans and other users to exchange opinions or practical information, they will be able to buy handicrafts, make customized requests and still, they will be able to earn by promoting the works of artisans.

The project will be activated one step at a time in August 2012. For now, the first part of the portal has been published, the social one, where you are now and where you will find the blog and a lot of useful information for artisans and users. subscribe to the news letter and actively participate in the Blog. Subsequently, e-commerce and the shops of individual artisans will follow. You can then share the most beautiful works on your social networks, with simple and quick connections, commenting on the news that interest you most with your friends or buy handicrafts and receive them directly at home.

Madeinitalyfor.me will sell the objects of the first artisans joining the portal as early as the end of August in the general e-commerce but will be fully active with the individual shops from September 2012.

From that moment on, the project will be able to begin to grow, in content, in the number of artisans and in the role of the community that will gradually organize itself in a sort of self-managed editorial staff, playing many important roles within the project from communication to courses and exhibition events in Italy.

We hope that all the advantages and services offered will be acknowledged by Italian artisans, especially using the formula: “whoever sells nothing pays nothing” which allows you to try and evaluate all the services offered without risk or investment.

You just have to follow us and discover the many surprises coming.

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