When Italy and India merge, ShivaChic

mostra-artigianato-shivachic-08The company Ghorpade Sunil Kumar has over thirty years of experience in importing and exporting gift items. The owner is the son of an Indian father and an Italian mother, has lived for 20 years in Sardinia. Six years ago, tired of a saturated market, he gave birth to a project planning to create a line of objects that merged Italian design with handmade, productivity, style and sensational Indian colors, using ecological materials, in particular recycled aluminum.

The majority of their creations is the result of the imagination and expertise of the owner and some of his collaborators. Thus was born, in 2007, the first collection, counting fourty items. Today their catalog boasts almost two hundred models and, to achieve the objects, they first draw the drafts, then produce the molds in wax and make the merger. The naked object is then decorated with natural vegetal enamels, applied directly with the fingers or with a particular paintbrush, then colored with natural Indian pigments and finally polished. All this working process make their creation a unique piece.


Their productions are not made in large quantities, and every year they renew almost entirely the catalog. All items are in accordance with EEC, suitable for food, and non-toxic. The only warnings, if you want to put some food in them, are not to use them for cooking and not to wash them in a dishwasher, but by hand.


They opened also a summer shop in the center of San Teodoro, where you can admire (and buy…) every single piece of their collection. Currently you can see their collections in thirty selected stores, located mostly in northern Sardinia (Olbia, Baja Sardinia, Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Arzachena, La Maddalena, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Alghero), Rome, Turin, Montecatini Terme.


In 2008 they imported three containers from India. The objects are made in a small factory in the state of Maharastra where they have a share capital that allows both a protection of the workers, to whom they provide every safety standard, both a quality control, piece by piece, with the supervision of a representative on site.

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