Original gift ideas for a 2020 Christmas in the name of made in Italy

The winter holidays are approaching and although many do not yet know how, where and with whom we will spend this Christmas 2020, we are all aware of what cannot be missing: gifts. A kind way to exchange an affectionate thought and a smile with friends, relatives, loves, acquaintances, colleagues and obviously, do not forget them, with the “relatives” who, more than ever, have been close to us like this year. ..

Sorry, we like to joke and not lose that healthy joy that in this sad period we risk forgetting, but we are well aware of the gravity of the situation and that is why we remind you that choosing a handmade gift today is not only an original idea, customizable and of high quality but it also means helping a small Italian shop to overcome such a difficult moment, while helping our economy not to collapse.

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But how to choose the right gift? To help you, we have decided to collect a series of suggestions and craft proposals. Furniture, furnishing accessories, sacred art, bijoux, sculpture. offers more than 1000 items of high craftsmanship, some ready for sale, others to be ordered, but all can be made in a time ranging from 4 to 5 days, up to a maximum of 30 that can use ceramics, between realization , drying, decoration and baking. You can customize many items, request objects of your own ingenuity or choose from the many proposals in our eShop. takes care of managing your order for the craftsman, customizations, estimates for objects on request and to send them to your home or to whoever should receive the gift, also making gift packs and greeting cards. Delivery in Italy on average takes 2 or 3 days, in Europe between 4 and 6 days and about 7, 9 days for the rest of the world.

We therefore recommend that you choose the gifts to make in time (even a month beforehand), so as to have time to have them made if not available or customized for the particular occasion. This will allow you to avoid nasty last-minute surprises, especially because in the last weeks leading up to Christmas, shipments will go a bit in Tilt as always due to the super workload.

Gift ideas made in Italy – Price range 25 – 60 €

Brocca sanbrockl

Idee Unisex 25 - 60€

Idee per Lui 25 - 60€

Idee per Lei 25 - 60€

Gift ideas made in Italy – Price range 60 – 60 €


Idee Unisex 60 - 120€

Idee per Lui 60 - 120€

Idee per Lei 60 - 120€

Gift ideas made in Italy – Price range 120 – 360 €

tris vasi piedistallo Di Cocco

Unisex 120 - 360€

Idee per Lui 120 - 360€

Idee per Lei 120 - 360€

pochette constancia bags

Gift ideas made in Italy – Price range 360-720€

Idee Unisex 360 - 720€

Idee per Lui 360 - 720€

Idee per Lei 360 - 720€

Tavolino Apulia Design

Gift ideas made in Italy – Price range 650-1.500€

Idee Unisex 720 - 1.500€

Idee per Lui 720 - 1.500€

Idee per Lei 720 - 1.500€

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