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Craft gift ideas for Christmas | until 150 € |

The Christmas countdown has officially started. For a few years, the Christmas period always started before (have you noticed that too?), as if you should to anticipate the climate of affection among relatives and friends who is usually breathed during Christmas holidays. So, in November, you will find yourself strolling in brightly lit Christmas towns with the showcases of the groomed rooms, planning a weekend to discover Christmas markets and start making gifts.

The positive aspect of making Christmas presents is to pay more attention to the people, while the negative one is undoubtedly the indecision in choosing the type of gift to be made. To help you, last time we offered you a first selection of gift ideas Made in Italy with different price ranges. Today, our selection will deepen the price range up to 150 euros. The protagonists will always be our crafts that can be purchased online on our store.

Gift ideas for Christmas: fashion accessories

progettomigliorproposta-borsa-medioevoBest proposal: Middle age bags is made and stitched by hand in texan buffalo leather in the Felice Gadaleta’s workshop “Nella terra del cuoio”, which for over thirty years worked leather and skins completely handmade to create practical and functional items.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Dark green scarf  – made of 100% merino wool
  2. Bag Nina – shopper of calf leather
  3. Wood cane Eagle – made of beech wood and pewter handle
  4. Red purse – made of purse with removable silver chain strap
  5. Wallet Lallo – leather and various wood models.
  6. Classic belt – made of cowhide with a brushed buckle
  7. Ring holder Cat  – made of pewter, practical and elegant
  8. Backpack Beltula – in canvas of “Beltula” cotton with continuous two-tone horizontal lines
  9. Woman wallet – cowhide leather
  10. Scarf rust – made of 100% merino wool

Gift ideas for Christmas: jewellery

Best proposal: Earings Anemone in silver 925 with lobe attachment, butterfly clasp and fresh water pearls – available in gray and white. Made with care by RobertaGold by Roberta Pavone, a great fan of goldsmiths and her work.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Magma bracelets  – in olive wood and steel plate
  2. Christmas ear-rings – made of plexiglas
  3. Nero Semplice  – made of wengé wood, with steel detail.
  4. Red oval wooden earrings – made by hand from a dried fat plant
  5. Taijate bracelets – made of olive wood characterized by a dense network of cuts
  6. Pine cone earrings – made with the cypress pinecone
  7. Ughetto Ring – made of cast silver, various models
  8. Melezio Necklace – in silver and agate
  9. Earrings Juan – in silver and different kinds of hard stones
  10. Jewels Mandala Raku – in ceramic, various models

Gift ideas for Christmas: handcrafted furniture

Best proposal: Cotton”Squar tablecloth big“, with lace edging and fabric embroidery, representing the “navy” earring of the extraordinary “Ori of Taranto”, an ancient Apulian symbol to which Matilde Ricciardulli de Il Gioiello shows love.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Various plates – made of ceramic and glass
  2. Cointray Halfmoon/Country – made of crystal with carved decorations
  3. Raindeer tray  and Eve’s tray – made of plexiglas
  4. Mini Lamps – made of Lecce stone
  5. Pasta drying Rack – with five or nine frames in birch and SS mesh.
  6. Wall Clock Mina – made of oak
  7. Napkin ring Fruit – made of pewter
  8. Farm clock – obtained from the wheel of an old abandoned disc arrow
  9. Italian Classic tray – made of Canaletto Walnut.
  10. Sardinia wall clock – made of sheet metal
  11. Cointray Halfmoon/Country

Gift ideas for Christmas: craft objects

Best proposal: Plates/centerpiece Flower with a carved flower on the straw stone from Maiella by Luigi D’Alimonte – a self-taught of’ ‘Abruzzo, sculptor specializing in quality artistic craftsmanship.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Earbuds holder Guffietto – made of plexiglas
  2. Boat sculputure – made of steel and copper pipe
  3. Various owls – made of ceramic majolica, hand-painted
  4. Rectangular box in wood – created with various woods
  5. Mask Mamuthones – typical Sardinian; resin, leather and wood
  6. Olive tree with native scene – made of ceramic, entirely handmade
  7. Angel in Papier mache – made of Lecce’s papier-mâché and terracotta
  8. Christmas trees – various models made of wood
  9. Steinbock – hand-carved wooden toulipier
  10. Christmas ball with crib – fives character – handmade and hand-painted



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