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Craft gift ideas for Christmas | over 150 € |

Have you ever thought about it? The Christmas period is the ideal time to make important communications: ask for the hand of the beloved person, announce the arrival of a baby or any change of life. This is the right time because, generally speaking, relatives and friends who live in different places, in Italy and in the World, find themselves in the same place, perhaps in front of a Christmas table …

What better time, if not this, to share your emotions and fears with loved ones and seal the moment with a unique gift? On certain occasions, the Christmas gift acquires more value and chooses it craftsmanship and Italian, it means giving something really unique and well done.

For this purpose, after the articles made with the proposals and gift ideas made in italy, and the selection until 150 euros, today we offer you a selection on a price range above 150 euros. All products that are part of our selection are strictly craftsmanship or Italian designers and offer the guarantee of a unique and exclusive gift.

Gift ideas for Christmas: fashion accessories


Best proposal: Nina calfskin shopper is lined with leather. Made by Kilaccessori that uses materials exclusively from the Tuscany region.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Unisex Haversack – in mutton and vegetable tanned cowhide
  2. Bracelets Istambul Corteccia – made of olive wood and stainless steel forged by hand in a single piece
  3. Document/tablet case  – made of leather and wood
  4. Beauty Case – natural cowhide vegetable tanned
  5. Hats inspired by the Twenties and the Thirties – made on wood hatblock
  6. Travel bag suitable –  in fabric “beltula”
  7. Cacciatora bag – a special suede edging with cross-stitching
  8. Macro bracelets – made of burr of centuries-old olive tree
  9. Portfolio – completely handmade
  10. Grey stole – in merino wool, cashmere, silk and cotton, hand-woven with traditional looms

Gift ideas for Christmas: jewellery

anello luxury_artcraft_idee regalo Best proposal: the “Nibiru” ring contains the mystery of the origins of life.A collection made by Vito Gurrado – is limited edition, only 8 pieces in the world.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Wearable microsculpture – unique piece, not reproducible
  2. Bracelet “Embrace” – made of plexiglas
  3. WAR nacklace – made of wood with metal detail
  4. Bracelet Clew – unisex, in olive wood with parts in brass and bone
  5. Pendant Blowfish – unique piece, in bronze
  6. Author ring – silver 925
  7. Taijate necklace – in wood and steel
  8. Pendant Kiss me – gold plated bronze
  9.  Mehen Ring – unique piece, not reproducible, silver 925
  10. Ice wood necklace –  made of secular olive bria

Gift ideas for Christmas: handcrafted furniture

sedia_arredamento_idee regalo

Best proposal: Belt + Box= Chair. It’s a series of furniture made by Microstudio with the desire to recover waste material such as safety belts (Belt) and the wood of industrial packaging (Box).

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Vase holder Colombia – made of oak wood
  2. Neoclassic Amphora – ground and engraved by hand
  3. Lamp “Sun” – handicraft by hand in terracotta
  4. Neoclassic Amphora – ground and engraved by hand
  5. Centerpiece – in ceramic raku
  6. Tray with fish shape – with a base in mahogany and white maple
  7. Underplat with meander – in brilliant pewter
  8. Photoframe Talassa – precious and environmentally friendly woods
  9. Heart mirror – hand carved in Jelutong’s wood
  10. Pendant lamp Mina – made of oak wood with silicone lampshade

Gift ideas for Christmas: craft objects

busto in legno_idea

Best proposalMod. Love portrays the symbol of love and creation, Brilliant leaf gold finish with pink patina details. Hand-carved jelutong bust made from Art.Industry.

And now other 10 suggestions for you!

  1. Bottle-carrier Doll –  realized in majolic
  2. Fruit centerpiece – made of steel and copper pipe
  3. Closed vase – in fireclay, freehand modelling
  4. Steel Tree – made of steel wire.
  5. Couple of dancers of pizzica – with inside bust in straw and ends of terracotta
  6. Lady Bust hand-carved jelutong wood bust
  7. Phoenix plate – painted by hand, single piece.
  8. Alpine – basrelief, hand-carved
  9. Candelabrum with three fires – made of polished pewter
  10. Shephered in papier-mache – with extremities in terracotta and iron skeleton covered in straw



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