This summer “Made in Italy for Me” is what you need!

June-September is synonymous of sea, mountains, and trips abroad. Even those who stay in the city manage to carve some moments for themselves with shopping, museums and other events.

Italy is a sought-after destination for its scenic and urban beauty, without forgetting its gastronomic goodness. Italy is to be savored, driven, looked at and explored!


Do you think of going to the usual places, doing the usual things, wearing your usual clothes? On vacation, you need to dare more! A small element of originality can do so much for your holiday.

We will help make your summer 2019 unique. We will help you plan a low-cost holiday from the comfort of your home, safely and reliably. We cannot suggest you a hotel but we can revolutionize your summer clothing, revolutionize your home and your business.


On the waterfront with style!

Here are our tips (man and woman) for an Italian summer. One of the most important things to enjoy the Italian sea is to have the right bag. It must be practical, durable and comfortable (especially if you have children) in order to avoid drama and burns because in the bag there was no room for sunscreen!

Our suggestion for women is to take a tour among the proposals of A&A Pelletterie. Particular models of every shape and size: from the colored Anna bag, perfect for a cocktail party on the beach, to the Elisa bag. In both cases are hand made Made in Italy bags with certified leather.

For men, we recommend looking at the proposals of Cuor di Pelle, a Florentine artisan with a sober and vintage style. Practical and durable bags, even handsfree like the Sauvage shoulder bag, or with a retro style (which makes them perfect also for mountain excursions) such as Lux Backpack.

But bags are not everything, you also need to have a style in clothing. Welcome to newly fresh and colorful summer dresses!


Our suggestion to be fashion and original on the beach is the colorful and light jumpsuit by Irene Hat & Dress, in particular, the embroidered jumpsuit available in various colors; fresh thanks to elastan and the sleeveless.

The most original accessory of all is undoubtedly the Papillion by Ceramiche Liberati available in many variants. Our suggestions are Papillion Love Dog (perfect for daily walks with the dog), Papillion PentaFlower (for musicians and romantics) and Papillion Wanderlust (for travel lovers).

The greatest BBQ

Whether it’s a barbecue by the sea, in the mountains, or behind the house … why not revive it with something new? Ristart realizes his works with recycled materials, thus helping the environment while creating unique pieces.

Take the Contrasto chairs, made with classic Italian chairs and modernized (and repaired) with plexiglass. These chairs have an unmistakable style recognizable to those who had them at home in the Italian 50s. There is also Milesa series with a slightly retro flavor made in plywood with which you could redecorate your entire house, not just the kitchen or the garden!

Another essential thing for the perfect barbecue is how the meat is served. It’s time to entrust the two blacksmiths brothers of AV Metal that will bring the typical style of Sarule (Sardinia) to your home. The very special Star tray is perfect for displaying your meat skewers (and not only), or the Rhombus tray which with its Traditional motif will bring out ribs and steaks.


The landlady also needs a new dress, something that is suitable for the outdoors and the art of cooking. Something like the set denim gilet and feather skirt made by Fabiola Ronconi Atelier.

And which guest doesn’t bring a gift? The best gift to bring to a made in Italy bbq is a nice bottle of wine. Thanks to wine holder Lux by Cuor di Pelle you will make a good impression safeguarding the bottle thanks to the “old style” skin. Or, if you prefer a more modern style, Cuor di Pelle also produces zippered bottle holder in various colors, light and practical.

Ensured the nice bottle we also need a nice decanter to oxygenate the red wine and, to make a good impression with friends, a tasting glass in sound glass, made by our historic craftsman Forme sul Cristallo.

Old style B&B

We conclude with a selection of furnishing suggestions for all those who make our holidays possible: restaurants, hotels, bed & amp; breakfast, etc … to make their work easier and their environments even more characteristic.

We have Colombaia pot holder, made of oak and tuff by Apulia Design. The shape follows that of the old medieval dovecotes, so with this vase holder you can make your own piece of walls with plants.

To decorate paths and exteriors we suggest something more resistant like the Tulip vases made by DP EMME, in waxed black iron, and in corten. Vases that will never bend the knee to the elements.

Another thing of vital importance for any activity is to have a noticeable menu holder like the helpful “butler” Louis made and hand painted by Arturdesign.

Indoor is possible to indulge and the originality is a factor not to underestimated. Thanks to the mirrors made by Art.Intaglio you can decorate corridors and rooms. This craftsman has no problem moving between the baroque style with the Brigitte mirror, or a more sober style thanks to Deco mirror, up to a modern and futuristic style with 3D Lux mirror.

Even the sense of smell is important, fortunately, the essence diffuser by Ceramiche Santalucia is able to make fun with all the senses perfuming the environment pleasing the sight with its traditional style.

Another thing that can decorate the environment is hard to find Lobò, small and unique wooden androids with a thousand different clothes and styles, perfect for decorating sea and mountain locations, or for bringing the sea and the mountains home.


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