Doll Dresses – by the artist Fabio Guerra, wins the best work prize of the XXVIII Contemporary Ceramic Competition

Doll Dresses by the artist Fabio Guerra (Thiene, Vicenza, 1962) wins the prize as the best work of the XXVIII Contemporary Ceramics Competition, the great exhibition promoted and organized by the Municipality of Grottaglie, the famous city of ceramics that opened its doors on Saturday 24 July.

“His work develops through the recovery of waste ceramic material that is assembled and stratified. Processing waste in which chance, accidentality generate forms that refer to intimate and collective memories “


This is how the War work was judged by Elisabetta Dubla, Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Grottaglie, Aurora Avvantaggiato, president of the “Cave Contemporary” Cultural Association, Mariarosaria Caramia, ceramic artist, and Micol Di Veroli, art historian, critic and independent curator .

The Prize for the XXVIII Contemporary Ceramics Competition went to the artist Edoardo Battaglia (Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, 1996) with the work “TOBE Continua”. ”

“The work – say the judges – focuses on the deconstruction of the meaning of measurement seen as a synonym for comparison and comparison with the other and does so by altering the most common measurement tool: the foldable meter. The figures are missing, canceling that idea of order of a one-way path and unexpected changes of direction are created that give birth to a three-dimensional structure with autonomous stability “.

In addition to the winners, two works were reported. The work “Friendship” of the artist Sara Dario (Venice, 1976) “for the narrative level of the work that guides the observer along the unrolling of the ribbons in a circular and increasing way” as well as the work “Take away organ” created by the artist Sabino De Nichilo (Molfetta, 1972) who presents the public with an investigation that probes the boundary between organic and inorganic.

With the announcement of the winners, the spotlight turned on the public opening of the XXVIII Contemporary Ceramic Competition (38 works in the Episcopio Castle) open until 30 September.

Information XXVIII Contemporary Ceramic Competition

Episcopio Castle, Largo Maria Immacolata Grottaglie (TA)

Opening hours
10.00-13.00 / 17.00-20.00 (from Monday to Sunday).

Reservations and Information
Museum of Ceramics, c / o Episcopio Castle
099 5620427 –

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