The reawakening of Silk Art through the “Nido di Seta”

“We do not want to live in places where we no longer see the sky!” – Miriam Pugliese

logo-nido-di-setaMiriam has a passion for foreign languages and a great love for nature. Giovanna is dedicated to art, to simplicity and smiling. Domenico is particularly focused on the sociology of consumption and has different experiences in the agricultural sector, in silkworm breeding and photography. After various work experiences and journeys through Europe they decide to return to Calabria, where they saw the first light of giving birth to something new. Subsequently, in November 2013, they decided to return to the south and buy their own land, and so “Nido di Seta” was founded.

This cooperative is created and maintained from people with a great sense for environmental protection, landscape and for the growth of the territory for a sustainable development. They intend to start from their own soil, taking advantage of the resources that it offers. The task will be to transmit the rediscovered values that the wonders of the natural heritage can offer not only to foreign citizens, but to fellow countrymen as well. In this context, the aim is to orchestrate crafts, traditions, cultural, artistic and culinary events, so that we make our home a center of attraction for national and international tourism.

Staying in Calabria does not mean to be closed like a clam for them, to put cultural limits or to accept the reality of today which they do excoriate. Rather, they are convinced that their commitment to their own province is useful in order to bring a bit of this borderland around the world. A barter experience, different and new conceptions of life will lead to an improvement of the local economy, but for a global goal.


The return to their land is the cornerstone of the cooperative. They go at the field with a proactive spirit, to demonstrate and advance the new models of economic and social development of the institutions of the area. In this cultural swamp, dominated by the hegemony of the malls where people sell their free time in the capital drowning their emotions in a Big-Mac, they think it is time to let the world know the taste of their philosophy.

This is a new approach towards the earth, its fruits, its values, traditions and culture. The latter understood not as a hegemonic banner, but as a resource which needs to be protected, but also to share and mix in order to develop the “depth of our field”.


On the hills of San Floro, these young Calabrians have revived a reality that has its roots in an ancient local tradition, that of the Art of Silk. This Art had once caused Catanzaro to become the European capital of silk. Between 1400 and 1700 this activity was the basis of the economic well-being of the capital of Calabria, which was specialized in the weaving of fine fabrics. The areas which provided raw silk were the small neighboring villages, including San Floro.

In fact, San Floro is their place of origin, which in the past has been taking part in a project on silk by the municipality, creating the Silk Museum and also facilities for the breeding of silkworms. With the change of city administration, however, the project was abandoned for a decade. So, the Cooperative “Nido di Seta” has decided to resume this activity in order to enhance this tradition and to create an induced statement that would allow the creation of new jobs. Thanks to this initiative, something will be created for the new generations.


This is “Nido di Seta”: the revival of the past by visiting the Educational Silk Museum based in a 1400 castle, which houses many Silk relics and other related rich fabrics activities. Or participating in the loop nature trail through adult pine trees enriched by the presence of more than 50 species of Mediterranean plants; a plantation that consists of 3,500 varieties of Kokusò plants spread over an area of over 1.5 hectares of land is used to both taste its fruits, blackberries, and to feed the silkworms that are raised until they make it to wrap in the cocoon, where through the process of reeling the precious silk thread is not unraveled.


Thanks to the collaboration with the expert Angela Rubino, it was made possible the didactical itinerary “The Places of Silk” for schools. Thanks to this, the students will be able to visit all those places that in the past represented the heart of the Art of Silk, rejoining the old town of San Floro, Catanzaro.

In addition, the partnership with the Decò Art di Squillace (Art Deco of Squillace) has also led to the creation of the jewelry line called Nico, created with the precious silk of San Floro and renowned ceramics of Squillace, another Calabrian excellence.

The complex manufacturing techniques and dyeing of fiber textile, with colors extracted from fruits, roots and particular shrubs, make the artifact a unique, inimitable and of very high quality. Every single piece, with its peculiarities and “imperfections”, symbolizes their philosophy of the rediscovery of traditional Calabrian art.

Finally, in the near future they are going to create a line of raw silk clothing.

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