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Crafts, many companies closed throughout Italy, e-commerce can be a solution but only 12% of artisans are able to exploit it

Fashion, accessories, jewels, furnishing accessories, furniture, bags, sculptures, plates and porcelain, objects of sacred art, musical instruments, creams, perfumes, lamps …; there are many categories enclosed by the term craftsmanship, in Italy. An important and non-trivial word because it adds the guarantee of a “state of the art” realization as well as all the experience, creativity and care of those who make it.

Although the market is always very oriented towards cheaper products (… in the short term), paying great attention to those that are the most fashionable items or better, to those that are the most advertised and proposed items up to “to impose” the fashion of the moment; Fortunately there is also a growing desire for beauty, uniqueness and personalization that has taken hold all over the world, starting to identify models of prestige and a refined luxury that, after all, as always has been, only the crafts can offer.

From these two trends, however divergent, two fundamental data emerge, absolutely new for the world of craftsmanship: the first is that the problem of low-cost industrial competition is no longer so relevant in accessing the market, given that the same it perceives much better the value and the economic savings over time and, according to, for the first time in the history of craftsmanship, the third reason for tourists to visit Italy, the real problem has become online visibility. Today this is the key word that distinguishes those who sell on the web from those who do not sell anything.

This is trivially the tool with which large companies such as Google and Facebook and other big techs on the web make profits, allowing the public an entire infrastructure of free services that are not equally for companies …

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In this context, the word craftsmanship, in the collective imagination, has gone from representing the highest excellence, to being associated with super traditional and out of fashion objects, as if fashion itself were not one of the expressions of craftsmanship; a change that, in an era in which terms become “keys” to access information, turns out to be an additional brake on digital visibility. In reality, of the many sectors that includes craftsmanship, some such as fashion, fashion design and the creation of jewelry, for example, represent in the world the emblem of know-how, of the “beautiful and well done” and often, they are even studied as the vanguard of future trends.

Sectors that distinguish us and characterize us in the world market, so much so as to make the Made in Italy highly sought after by offering us an extra gear on the market which, alas, too often, only large companies are able to fully exploit, being the only ones to have adequate budgets to promote and communicate effectively on the web. Thus it ends up that great fashion brands are able to propose, for example, a model of women’s bag with exorbitant figures, when the same craftsman who makes it does not perceive even 1/5 of its market value.

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The loss of value of the word craftsmanship, in fact, is only one of the consequences of the many problems preceding the economic crisis triggered by Covid which have much deeper roots, developed over decades of economic changes, characterized by a political immobility towards the category. , such as to make this activity increasingly difficult and rare. To date, the “workshop masters” to be clear, are part of a large cauldron that includes dental technicians, plumbers and many categories that have little to do with those who create small wearable works of art, furniture or everyday use . Problems that the pandemic and the consequent economic crisis have heavily worsened, leading to the loss of thousands of years of experience that will never be handed down and dissolving into thin air like many activities that have now disappeared that today, probably, would be more useful than then, bringing us closer to a more sustainable and low environmental impact economy.

We are not talking about a marginal problem, unfortunately 170 thousand artisan companies have closed this year, a not so insignificant slice of our economy and over 1 million and 500 thousand artisans who are still active in Italy today and are living one of the darkest periods of the last 50 years.

In this situation, a very negative data emerges which can however represent a significant hope for the sector, and it is the one that sees only 12% of craft activities active on the web, leaving open the hope of being able to exploit this important means to reach an audience. , Italian and international, impressive, especially if you think that for a small artisan shop, today, even just 100 good customers in a month can make a substantial difference. The e-commerce retail market, in fact, is a market with very high potential: according to data from the B2c Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, 22.7 billion capital was invested in 2020 alone, with 4.7 billion euros in more than in 2019, due to growth of + 26% in the year of the pandemic.

The shops, therefore, can only adapt, making the most of the greater awareness in the consumer towards the ‘handmade’ made in Italy and using the web to intercept the needs of consumers who today, fortunately, are increasingly looking for beauty and ‘uniqueness and pay great attention to the environmental sustainability of those who produce them.


But how to avoid falling back into the mistakes already seen that led most of the artisans to approach the web, and then abandon it even more discouraged than before?

The answer is that the time has come for artisans to tackle online sales with greater seriousness and commitment, enough with the site made by the nephew’s friend …, today it is necessary to include the essential activities for the web, such as photos, videos, analysis of results and social networking, in business dynamics, as well as the creation of objects or their presentation to customers in the store. It is therefore essential to reorganize the whole activity in order to better manage the online sales which will require different skills and investments, necessary. (Shop.MadeInItalyFor.Me), was born in 2011, (the first Italian handicraft Marketplace platform), precisely to offer the category a unique tool, capable of accompanying them in this transition and bringing together the many aspects necessary for online sales through a single interlocutor. A Marketplace system where the internal team manages all the practical aspects, from the insertion of the products, to their promotion, up to the sale and transport to the final customer. A category aggregator that carefully selects its sellers to offer customers from all over the world a reference point for 100% Made in Italy. A virtual space where you can find quality and uniqueness, accompanied by the utmost professionalism and kindness, in the management of orders from Italian and foreign customers.

In order to make the e-commerce activity profitable and lasting over time, in this sector, it is therefore necessary to collimate many different activities, all in practice mandatory, which broadly range from the creation of photographic and descriptive material in multiple languages, to dissemination of content to the right audience, the analysis and interpretation of the data collected, the identification of the right reference target, the management of advertising campaigns, packaging, delivery (fast), as well as ensuring compliance with all the regulations that regulate return and withdrawal for the final customer. In short, it is not as simple as it may seem and, for a craftsman, all these aspects inevitably turn into costs.

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The Marketplace offers a virtual space where selected master craftsmen, designers and small producers made in Italy propose the excellence of Italian manufacturing, characterized by quality and environmental sustainability, requirements that Madeinitalyforme srl considers as primary, in the selection of professionals with whom he collaborates. Take advantage of the category aggregation to maximize the visibility of individual professionals, proposing articles of different types, uses and materials; passing from the single piece, to the mini series; and allows the customization of many of the objects offered as well as the creation of tailor-made items, on a quote.

A winning formula that has allowed srl to grow, year after year, and to obtain many wonderful results. In fact, in 10 years of activity, more than 200 top-level companies have used the services of the platform, some of which have used it as a springboard and training, to become totally autonomous in a few years, others l ‘have been used for short periods and many are with us today. In fact, there are more than 120 excellent activities on the platform, some of which since 2015 also take advantage of the additional sales channels that manages in the European section of Amazon’s Made in Italy. We have also participated in events, exhibitions and trade fairs in Italy and in many European countries, we have been hosted by the Italian embassy in Toronto, Canada, to represent the excellence of Made in Italy; we have given visibility and beautiful bespoke commissions to our artisans, we bring a good slice of Abruzzo’s artistic craftsmanship online and we are always working to grow our virtuous network of collaborations.

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Are you a craftsman, a designer or a small Italian manufacturer? will open a new registration window from 20 August to 20 October, the last one was in 2020, presenting super special offers. A rare opportunity to become part of the Community with discounts of up to 50% and being able to access the new platform that will be presented in 2022 and which contains 10 years of experience, combined with the most modern, the technology, it will allow us to exploit.

Lots of news and surprises that, however, given the previous ones, and how many activities similar to ours were born from nothing after us, we will reveal only later; we can only tell you that many aspects will change in the graphics of the portal and in the presentation of the products, the IT security of the infrastructure will be increased and, very important for the craftsmen, more space will be given to the aspects and functions dedicated to the B2b market, facilitating the access to Buyers and resellers.


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