Interview with Alessandra Cedri of Lalepap, the winning project of the fashion section, in the Lazio regional final of MarteLive 2021

LalepapHand Made & Recycled – is the winning project, in the fashion section, of the Lazio regional final of MArteLive 2021, the multi-disciplinary festival that involves multiple arts ranging from craftsmanship to sculpture, music, theater, photography and many others, to create a single big event resulting from the synergy of several shows.

Lalepap - Hand Made & Recycled

MArteLive is an artistic format that was born in 2001 in Rome as an initiative of Giuseppe Casa and a group of students from the Faculty of Economics of the RomaTre University and young people from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. In 2011, after a special edition, it becomes BiennaleMArteLive, launching a totally innovative project, where for the first time the whole city of Rome is involved for six days and six nights, involving today about 60 different locations simultaneously between live clubs , theaters, galleries, monuments, walls, open spaces, squares, museums, libraries and spaces of culture; with nearly 1,000 artists featured.

In the span of almost twenty years, MArteLive has been one of the most interesting cultural events in the Italian panorama, offering a true showcase to unknown artists, with a real laboratory for thousands of young Italian artists and beyond and maintaining a priority fresh and youthful with innovation and at the same time festive. An event that also had an international echo thanks above all to the historic crossing of the Tiber by the tightrope walker Andrea Loreni, in front of Ponte Santangelo in Rome.

foto-2-1-19a5a6fa, partner MarteLive, interviewed for you Alessandra Cedri, the creator of Lalepap, a young artist born on 01/07/1985 in the province of Milan who has been living in Rome for more than 5 years, where she attends the School of Art and Crafts in the Fashion, Style and Modeling course. So we left her the story of her wonderful experience in the world of art and craftsmanship:

Lalepap was born as an idea about ten years ago, but it remains in the drawer for a long time, until, during the 2020 lockdown, it becomes a life project. Up to that moment, in fact, I was working in the social cooperation sector: at the base of all my creations the idea remains that it is necessary for me to tell the world through creativity.

Going into the matter, I work the fabrics but I find it hard to define myself as a seamstress: I prefer a piece of clothing to deconstruct, to a piece of fabric to build with. Of course I sew and use the tools of a seamstress but I love to overturn the rules of the tailoring tradition. I don’t start from simple pieces of fabric, but from fabric garments already created, to transform them: pants, jackets, skirts are broken down and the cuts make up something new. Furthermore, I add materials such as tetrapak, wood, paper, metal in a functional way in my creations; I look for a detail in all objects that allows me to reuse, with originality and an intriguing design.

It is not just a question of giving objects a second life, but of changing their shape and function, with a view to recycling and eco-sustainability but also to a complete revolution of canons and standards, in the continuous search for new harmonies and new ideas of beauty that move away from tradition but for this very reason, are extremely captivating and contemporary.

In short, recycling and Upcycle are the basis of my creations, precisely with a view to combining creativity with issues of social interest: for me to create is to involve the public and direct it towards thinking with a social, political, environmental background. The impact with the public is undoubtedly a challenge every time: the constant tension with which I measure myself is to give harmony and uniqueness to the creations combined with the need to be accessible and understandable to the public itself. The ambition is that the creations are self-explanatory, that they return not only their originality and uniqueness, but also their deeper meaning.

6 Alessandra Cedri_Lalepap - Handmade&Recycled_zainorsaModella(1)

Thanks to MareLive I was able to present my creations to an audience that could observe and evaluate them, a great challenge and a wonderful experience that pushed me even more to get involved with the ambition of being able to improve and evolve, always without prejudice to the principles on which I build my creations.

The desire to be able to create better and better, with the idea of technically improving to the point of reaching perfection – if it exists – and at the same time never leaving behind the study and research on the themes that push me to express my creativity, to contribute in my small way to that revolutionary change that our planet needs.


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