Giorgia Castignoli, our surrealist sculptor

Giorgia Castignoli works in the city where she was born (Piacenza) and is one of our most particular craftswoman . After the graduation from the prestigious Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera she did a series of exhibitions, both collective and personal. After she takes a break to devote herself into her new passion and work: the restoration of frescoes and stone materials.

Now Giorgia designs and sets up shop windows and interiors for various shops, in order to characterize them with her unique touch that inevitably attracts the look of passersby. All of that without forgetting her own artistic production that she carries on in her workshop.


Armed with the knowledge and techniques acquired during the years of study and work, Giorgia can create panels and sculptures mixing together classic and modern elements, artistic techniques and restoration secrets, thus creating unique pieces that hide more than one secret beneath the surface.

In Giorgia’s works you can see elements that look like marble but are not, flower stalks made by iron supporting resin flowers,etc… you can see many fancy things just observing her works. Giorgia loves to experiment and play with three-dimensionality, many of her pieces change incredibly depending on the point of view or the light.


Furthermore, this craftswoman conceives the sculpture and the panels differently, sees them as two distinct categories with two different mission . Her sculptures are the result of a personal and intimate research, a physical window on the abstract torments of her soul. While the panels are a way to “photograph” the nature embellishing it in an eternal instant thanks to techniques and materials from the traditional restoration process.

For this reason Giorgia can make marble leaves pushed away by wind, concrete and “touchable” smoke, unchanging flowers, imperturbable gothic faces that sometimes peek out from the most unthinkable places and much, much, much more!


Giorgia does use a single material, or on a specific selection of them, she let her hands do the work without limits. Over the years this artist combined traditional materials (such as plaster, papier-mâché, terracotta or noble metals such as silver and gold) with other more modern ones (cement, Plexiglas, polyester, etc) giving rise to unique and unrepeatable panels and sculptures.

On our store you can find some of her works, today in particular we will dedicate this space to a selection of pieces from the collection dedicated to natural elements transformed into furnishing objects.


Foglie Bianco is a unique piece, a two-part decorative panel made of polystyrene covered in plaster with leaves also in plaster, all applied and made by hand. The arrangement of the leaves imitates the movement of the leaves pushed away by the wind, fixed in ethereal thanks to the plaster. The choice of the arrangement and colors makes the shadows play various effects depending on the light.


Foglie Legni 9 is a panel and (as the name implies) part of a series of panels with wood. This panel is made to be light (the support is in polystyrene covered in cement) and look like limestone. The wooden inserts is sinuous to create the illusion of a tree in autumn that loses leaves.


Rosa reproduces, with modern materials, the classic and most common gifted flower. Thanks to its aesthetic and materials this rose is turn into a piece of furniture and can be placed on the ground or as ornament. The lightness of the petals is reproduced by the transparency of the vinyl glue while the stem is in thin iron and the cement base ensures the stability.


The latest product, at least for this introductory article, is the unique sculpture Center . This piece unites the abstract line of the human collection with elements of the nature one. This sculpture shows a face, divided in half following the splitting already existing in the ancient oak wood, representing the human feeling that approaches the change of his own nature.

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