Ceramiche Santalucia, between Andalusia and Abruzzo

Chieti, 1994, a young man graduated from the “Istituto Nicola da Guardiagrele” go to work for the first time at a local ceramist. This young man was Michele Santalucia, who since then (literally) has come a long way since he has gone as far as Seville to learn the techniques and the Andalusian style in the Spanish historical companies and workshops.

Michele embodies in himself two ceramic worlds, with their styles and materials: the Abruzzo one and the Andalusian one. Each of his pieces is like a tour of Europe. In addition Michele is also a designer, one who looking for new ways to shape and decorate the ceramics he creates.


After his training in Seville he returned to his homeland and in 2006 Michele opened his own business in Francavilla al Mare, where he still lives. There Michele perfects his art realizing personal shapes and new decorations in which we can easily notice the Andalusian ceramics, “cuerda seca”, the typical decorations of the “azulejos”, and the typical components of the Abruzzo style.

About the Abruzzo style: Michele has follow the steps of the great local ceramists, like Castelli and Rapino, as well as Grue and Cascella, for this reason Michele is an undisputed decoration artist and a master of historical ceramic painting.


His creativity, his dual nature, and the taste for experimentation allowed him have his own design line without forgetting the most classic productions. Obviously Michele realizes everything by hand, it is especially noticeable in the meticulous decorations that make each piece unique and impossible to reproduce by a machine.

Michele is very famous in Abruzzo: he participated at “SPAZI EVASI” (Palazzo Sirena, Francavilla al Mare), at “Città delle Arti e dei Mestieri” (Alanno), and he was in different editions of “L’oro d’Abruzzo” (Pescara) and other local artistic craftsmanship fair. We are proud to count him among our ranks and help him to become known nationally and internationally.

To show you the great versatility of this craftsman we have chosen three pieces from three different lines; all of them handmade and made with passion by this great artist. As always on our store you can find many more products.


From the original design line we have selected the adorable “ORCH’idea“, an orca (killer whale) perfect for the desk. Handmade, both in form and decoration at Santalucia workshop. Thanks to the use of metallic effect glazes this whale glow.


Biscuit made in majolica and part of the line “ la tradizione in uno stile personale “. In this line the key object of the use of a piece, in this case the biscuit, becomes part of the decoration itself. The use of crystalline in subsequent firings, with the use of non-toxic glazes and colors, makes these products suitable for food use without without compromising it beauty as a piece of furniture.


We conclude with a piece from the prestigious classic line: Square plate with landscape. Each artist is influenced by his own territory, the history and the local traditions become part of the works he creates. This line is just the summary of this thought: it is inspired by the styles of classic Italian ceramics characterized by a particular color and subject choice.

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